Review: “Crime Junkie”

Need a true-crime podcast for your walk to class? Check out this review

Looking for your next true crime fix? Look no further, and try out the “Crime Junkie” podcast. Hosted by two lifelong friends, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, the podcast combines drama and facts to bring an all-around enjoyable experience. Released weekly on Mondays, the episodes are 30-60 minutes long and discuss a recent murder victim, missing person or serial killer case each week. Unlike other true crime podcasts, which act like a television series and require you to have listened to the previous week, “Crime Junkie” focuses on a new case each week. By having this podcast structure, “Crime Junkie” creates an investigative experience for an always-on-the-go college student like myself. 

I love tuning in every Monday for new episodes, but with 114 past episodes that are already online, one of my favorite things to do is to scroll through the list on iPhone’s podcast application or Spotify, pick an episode that sounds interesting and listen to it while I’m doing homework or even going for a walk. Earning five stars from almost all of the 10,000 listeners, “Crime Junkie” is always worth a listen if you have some time to spare. 

I am particularly fond of the serial killer cases, as morbid as that is. My favorite episode, although incredibly hard to pick a favorite, has to be the episode on the Serial Killer truck driver dubbed Dr. No. Hosted by Prawat primarily, as opposed to Flowers taking the lead, this case is full of twists and turns, and hearing the voice of the so-called Dr. No sent chills up my spine. 

“Crime Junkie” was created by Flowers and Prawat in 2017, and they have stuck to a schedule of releasing on Mondays domestically and Tuesdays internationally for the past two years. Flowers used to work full time at a hospital but decided in 2019 to make managing “Crime Junkie” her full-time job. Every month, Flowers and Prawat release a bonus “Pruppet of the Month” segment, where they tell the adoption stories of their fan’s dogs. This segment, as well as the “AudioChuck Productions” featured at the end of every episode, were inspired by Flowers’ dog Charlie, who she says is “my whole world.” Flowers and Prawat also have a Patreon page for listeners who pay a monthly fee to view exclusive content. The “Crime Junkie” duo have taken the podcast to four cities in the US, where they do a live show telling a story never before heard on the podcast.

~Sydney Paige Hernandez, Staff Writer~

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