Perspective on the Super Bowl

Why watching the Super Bowl captivates people everywhere

The Super Bowl is one of America’s biggest cultural events. Thousands of people across the country crowd around their TVs to watch the game. We watch our favorite teams fight for the title of the championship. Or, if your team didn’t make it, you watch for the funny commercials and crazy halftime show. But for me and many others, the Super Bowl isn’t just about the game itself but the celebration and memories that come with it. 

Some of my favorite memories come from Super Bowl Sunday. I remember how exciting it was as a kid to stay up late on a school night. Back then, the best part always used to be the halftime show as me and my friends would dance our little hearts out to the performances.

So yes, the Super Bowl is just a game, but to some, it’s so much more. It could almost be considered a holiday in America. It’s a time for people to get together and celebrate a beloved sport.

It’s a night of eating and drinking with friends as they get together and catch up. We eat classic game food such as hamburgers and hotdogs and reminisce on old memories. And if you’re lucky, you can brag to them that it’s your team in the game. Football is so important in American culture. It allows people to become part of something bigger than themselves. We get to cheer on our favorite teams with thousands of other people. It brings people together to share their passion for the game.  

The teams we support become a part of who we are. As I’m from DC I have to support my home team the Redskins. But honestly, there is nothing to support as they were 3-13 this past season and lost there last game of the season 16-47 to the Dallas Cowboys. 

So as the Redskins keep disappointing I am also a diehard fan of the Greenbay packers as my family is from Wisconsin. One of the best years for me will always be getting to watch my beloved Packers win it all in 2011 against the Steelers by the score of 31-25. 

People become so connected to their teams the wins and losses can be an emotional experience for some. Like how one of the only times I’ve ever seen my best friend cry was when the Eagles won in 2018. Or how when the Eagles won their first Super Bowl fans rioted in the streets of Philadelphia in celebration. 

Super Bowl Sunday will always hold a special place in my heart and many others. I look forward to the many more years of games we get to celebrate. Maybe one day in a hundred years or so the Redskins will actually win, or at least a girl can dream.

~Diane Frola, Staff Writer~

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