New equipment for Freeman

The Freeman Center is in the middle of a revamping process, receives gym  equipment

Students returning from their Winter Break may have noticed the presence of new exercise equipment in the Freeman Center. Trieshmann Health and Fitness Pavilion Director Lisa Powell explained the extent of the new equipment, all of which includes new exercise machines in the building

“In December, in our Phase 1 replacement and upgrade project, we replaced eight treadmills, four ellipticals/cross trainers, four bikes, 11 spin bikes, one Smith machine, three weight stack machines (i.e., [abdomen] curls, leg extensions and triceps press) and the multi-jungle 8-station unit. We added a second 1/2 power rack.”

Powell indicated that more equipment is to be replaced in the near future. 

“In Phase 2, we are looking at replacing the remaining cardio machines and additional weight machines (both plate-loaded and weight stack types) as well as adding a functional unit that will accommodate additional exercise options.”

She also expressed that the purpose of the new equipment is to serve the student body, emphasizing especially the benefits of regular exercise.

“The purpose of this new equipment is to provide upgraded, state-of-the-art equipment to support and encourage students, faculty and staff in their exercise and fitness pursuits. It is known that exercise provides physical benefits, but just as important, it also provides mental health benefits such as reducing stress and improving brain function.”

Finally, Powell said that she hopes the equipment will motivate more students to use the Freeman Center’s exercise facilities. 

“We hope that the new equipment will motivate and encourage students, faculty and staff to exercise. Any time that can be dedicated to exercise will be beneficial, whether it is 10 minutes or an hour.” 

Freeman center employee Christian Lange expressed a similar sentiment, “The new equipment has better quality because it’s been a long time since the equipment has been replaced, and we want to provide students with the best experience possible.” 

For any questions or additional information (i.e., equipment questions, fitness classes or personal training), please contact or (757) 594-7882.

~Duncan Hoag, Staff Writer~

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