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The Bachelor recap: Week 5

This recap contains spoilers.

The drama continues this week on “The Bachelor” as at the start of the episode, the Alayah drama ends and Peter finally sends her home. Although, the women this week are still out for blood as they question Peter’s decision-making abilities – no shock there. He personally apologizes to each woman before the rose ceremony where three new women are sent home: Deandra, Savannah and Kiarra. 

Afterward, the ladies are off to Costa Rica, kicking it off with a group date where Peter shows up with 22 stitches in his head. He (hopefully) jokes about being attacked by a Puma when he really just ran into a golf cart. He walked into it and banged his head on a glass he was holding. Oh, Peter you clumsy man; you’re a pilot for goodness sakes. Luckily we got security footage of this taking place because I could not picture in my head how that happened. Regardless, the group date is a fun Cosmopolitan photoshoot in which Victoria F. lands the cover with Peter. 

Sydney gets the one-on-one date where she opens up about her emotional past, later having an intimate moment in the pool with Peter. I don’t know about you, but who wouldn’t want to make out in front of 10 cameramen and producers standing around and watching (joking).

But the show gets worse. Rumors are spread by Tammy to Peter about Kelsey having a drinking problem. Uh oh. Here we go again with the “she said, she said” and Peter right in the middle. Who even cares that Kelley got the one-on-one date with all this drama happening? The rose ceremony gets canceled, of course, when Kelsey shows up at Peters hotel room to spill tea about Tammy. This drama-filled episode ends with Peter sending Lexi and Shiann home. Much to the surprise of everyone, Tammy stays, although she is the villain of the week.

~Kaitlin Sanata, Staff Writer~

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