When is the Involvement Fair, anyway?

Lack of communication and attendance contradicts the CNU ideals of community and closeness

The Winter Involvement Fair is tomorrow; are you ready to tour the DSU and discover a new organization to dedicate your time to for the next semester or next few years?

Oh! You didn’t know it was tomorrow? Not surprising.

While attendance at the Winter Involvement Fair (previously Club Fair) is historically lower than at the Fall one, this year it would not surprise me if attendance was even lower. 

Aside from a few flyers and a mention in the Campus Announcements email, there has been very little mention of this year’s Involvement Fair, to the point where one wonders whether anyone outside of the organizations themselves will show up. 

As a leader of an organization who will be represented at the Involvement Fair, I have received about as much information as the rest of the community. The organizations who have offices in the DSU are being encouraged to leave their doors open in addition to manning a table on the second floor. We know the time to be available to welcome new members. And that is about it. 

Communication about events on campus seems to be hit-or-miss recently. While we all know when Bid Day or IFC Signing Day is, how many of you know about the OURCA workshop happening tomorrow as well? 

It’s a common CNU trend – we’re all so busy that attendance at many events are low. How many people attend soccer or basketball matches every week? 

We rarely fill our sports facilities, but attendance at faculty research presentations is even lower. Springfest is widely popular and a lot of fun, but promoting opportunities for growth (like Career Fairs) is just as important. 

At any other university, it might be acceptable, or even expected. But at CNU we pride ourselves on our tight-knit community, our inclusivity, and our involvement. 

How can we realize these ideals if we are not doing our due diligence to recruit new members to our organizations? 

How long can any of the communities we’ve built up over the years survive unless we work hard to invite new members?

There are two times a year where on-campus organizations gather together to promote ourselves to new members: the Fall Involvement Fair and the Winter Involvement Fair. 

Yes, it is not unusual for the Winter Involvement Fair to be smaller; it is the middle an academic year and many students have already landed in organizations that interest them and are busy. 

There are still plenty of people who haven’t found their homes, however. Whether it’s because they didn’t like an organization the joined previously, were just too busy academic-wise in previous semesters, or are simply looking for a fun group to spend Friday nights with, people should attend the Winter Involvement Fair. 

I know all of our inboxes are too full these days with group projects, professor announcements and ads from the Captain’s Locker. I’m also guilty of sometimes ignoring those mass emails. 

We live in the age of social media, in a world where we have access to so much information it is practically impossible to filter out what is useful and what is not. 

We share every moment of our lives online; why don’t we provide some useful information to our followers, too? Let’s all work to promote important events and happenings on campus. Let’s work harder to attend a few events outside of our own interests and do better to fold new members into our own organizations.

And let’s begin by properly promoting and attending events like the Involvement Fair.

~Matthew Scherger, Editor-in-Chief~

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