A night full of “TV Theme Songs”

TheaterCNU presents the year’s first performance of Captain’s Cabaret

Hosted by the Theater Department’s very own students,“TV Theme Songs,” a Captain’s Cabaret event, was a charming night full of throwback songs that everyone knew and loved. On the night of Jan. 25, there were five Christopher Newport students who hosted and presented for the event: Jack Little, Elijah Selby, Sabrina Brown, Chad McKnight and Sarah Allbrandt. 

Before the night began, the Diamonstein Concert Hall was washed over by a sea of blue lights. Sitting upon the Diamonstein’s stage were round tables with black tabletop cloths. Some tables would have two or four chairs, with all of them facing towards the stage. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was smiling and conversing with one another. The intimate setting of a cabaret-styled event is typically known to turn into a lovely, personal evening, but the TheaterCNU made this night their very own. The lights, throughout each song, would change with the tunes of the music. Whether the song was upbeat or slow-moving, the lights would surely follow the beat. 

The only tunes that were played for the event were the lovely voices of the students and the piano in the background. For some songs, students would create instrument-like sounds in order to beautifully recreate the theme songs. Regardless of the lovely and fun melodies, there were a few bumps in the road, but they were quickly fixed with quick-witted distractions. The Captain’s Cabaret is produced for students to practice their stage presence in order to become the best they can be for their theater work. As I watched, I can surely tell I’m excited to see some talented faces on the stage in the near future. 

TV theme songs that were sung out ranged from “Meet the Flintstones” and “The Addam’s Family” to “Hannah Montana.” Whether it was a cartoon, dark-humored show or family favorite, the contrasting tunes made for an interesting evening. Everyone was instinctively swaying in their seat or clapping to the beat of the song. A couple of the students whom were singing interacted lightly with the crowd for a comical touch; the audience engagement was purely fun and a great touch to their practice. In order to integrate from one song to the next, the students would say quick facts about each TV theme song, whether it was novel or old news.

By the end of the night, the five students came together to sing one last tune: the classic “Cabaret” song. By the songs conclusion, friends and family rushed to the stage to hug and congratulate the students on their show. The night ended like how it began: in smiles and positive conversation. 

If you would like to attend TheaterCNU’s Captain’s Cabaret yourself, there are still two more showings coming up, which are “Classic Broadway” (Feb. 24) and “The 1970’s” (April 17).

~Ashley McMillan, A&E Editor~

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