A new generation of IFC members

105 young men sign themselves to their new fraternities and Greek life families

Dressed to their best and ready to impress, the fraternity men of CNU met to celebrate the joining of their new brothers. 

This past Sunday the Interfraternity Council (IFC) held its yearly signing ceremony, where all new recruits officially signed to their new family. 

All nine fraternities (Delta Upsilon, Kappa Delta Rho, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Lambda Phi, Psi Upsilon, and Sigma Phi Epsilon) were there to cheer on their new members as they were formally welcomed into the fraternal community. 

The ceremony was held in Peebles Theatre where each man was introduced and recognized. On stage, the 105 new members signed a book signaling their induction into their new home. 

This year was especially important, as it was the first signing class of a new decade.

For the recruitment process, the week prior to the ceremony the Interfraternity Council held two events: a BBQ night and a traditions night. 

These events gave prospective new members an opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know the fraternities and what they are like. 

For all of the men who went through the recruitment process, this is a big deal as they were meeting the people that might play a very important role in their lives if they chose to join. 

The process of rushing is a very memorable and unique experience that comes with a lot of different emotions. 

When discussing what rushing was like, freshman Walker Knott, who rushed Sigma Phi Epsilon, said his favorite part was, “being able to meet all of the brothers and hear their stories about how the organization has helped them to become better people.”

Knott also described the experience from an emotional point of view, “Rushing was a lot of fun but a little nerve racking because you know the importance of the process, but what’s nice is that the brothers are cool and really become your friends throughout the process, and you know that you have friends in the organization regardless of if you get the bid.”

Rushing a fraternity is also a very meaningful event for new members and can be very impactful to them. 

Another freshman, Elijah Willams, who rushed Kappa Delta Rho, talked about what rushing meant to him, saying, “To rush KDR means that you are rushing to join a brotherhood, a family like no other on CNU campus.”

He added, “They are dedicated to helping out one another when times get rough and prominently showcasing what it means to become a proper gentleman through their leadership and community efforts.” 

Knott also shared what rushing meant to him, saying, “To rush Sigma Phi Epsilon means that you are committed to becoming a more balanced man who wants to grow and apply the organization’s values of virtue, diligence and brotherly love to all that he does.”

Committing to these communities means a great deal to all these men as they start a new journey of their college career. 

Both Williams and Knott shared their excitement for the upcoming semester as an opportunity to develop relationships and new experiences with their new brothers and communities. 

“I feel ecstatic now that I have joined, and I can’t wait to start helping in the organization,” said Williams.  

With anticipation, this week also comes with responsibility and new commitments. 

Knott reveals his honest feelings, saying, “I’d say that now that I’m a member, I feel more nervous because I have new responsibilities and have new brothers, but I know that I’m prepared to handle the growth SigEp demands of me and proud to say that I have the best brothers I could ever ask for.” 

The past week of recruitment process and Signing Day is just the start of all these men’s journey to an impactful and important college career with their brotherhood. 

If others are interested in joining a fraternity, the IFC at CNU has continuous recruitment. 

New potential members can reach out to fraternities at any time to learn more about joining. 

With that said, the signing ceremony will be the only formal recruitment opportunity until next year.

~Diane Frola, Staff Writer~

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