Bid Day, Best Day

The Panhellenic community had some great catches, literally and metaphorically on Spring bid day.

Sweat, tears, crying and quite possibly blood were present this year at Spring Bid Day 2020. Around 170 young women from freshmen to seniors ran home into the arms of their new friends and sisters. Although the number was smaller than in previous years, it didn’t diminish the excitement of the women who ran home. Bid Day, the best day of the year for Christopher Newport’s sorority women, was hosted by Panhellenic in the Freeman Field House this past Sunday, Jan. 19.

 All seven of the National Panhellenic (NPC) sororities on campus, as well as the Panhellenic E-Board, have been gearing up for almost a year to welcome new women into their organizations. Most sororities have been prepping for hours every single night for the last week. 

After a long weekend of sickness, which hopefully doesn’t spread to all of CNUs campus like the annual “Panhellenic Plague,” Sunday was the day to celebrate all of their hard work and prospective new members being welcomed into their new homes.

Sorority sisters sang and chanted at the top of their lungs eagerly awaiting their potential new members to start running home. It was a fun-filled day of love and celebration of a new chapter beginning after a long weekend has ended. 

Emotions were high on Bid Day as new sisters, as well as Rho Gammas or recruitment counselors (RC) and the Panhellenic E-board, ran home to their prospective sororities. After being disaffiliated for about two months and unable to talk to their sisters, the Rho Gammas were almost more excited than the new members to run home. Many of them were brought to tears well before they even began to make the trek, and they were bombarded with hugs as soon as they ran into the arms of their sisters.

Junior Karen Wilson and sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, stated her favorite moment of bid day every year is “seeing all the RCs and Panhellenic Executive Board run home to their sisters. You can truly see how much they love each other and missed being a part of their organizations while they were disaffiliated.” The Rho Gammas were responsible for helping many young women through a decision that could potentially change their lives by joining a sisterhood that will be with them forever.

One of this year’s Rho Gammas and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, Polly Latham, said that her favorite part of being an RC this year was “watching all my RC babies run to their new homes!” Each Potential New Member (PNM) struggled through a long weekend of sore throats and high heels. “It was really cool to see how their perseverance through a long weekend paid off in the best way,” said Latham. 

The Greek community on campus loves to highlight the value of Greek unity. 

Bid Day is a time for all NPC sorority women to come together to celebrate welcoming more women with similar values and principles into their organization. Each of the sororities is different in core values as well as philanthropies, but they still support one another in finding women who feel at home in their organizations. 

“Bid Day supports the idea of Greek unity because every sorority woman is just excited to see the new members find their new home no matter where it is,” said Wilson.  “Also so many fraternity men come to support us welcome our new members home, which the Panhellenic community appreciates so much!”

When asked what made this year stand out from previous years, the Vice President of Recruitment for Panhellenic, Sarah Potter, stated “I think the unity between organizations has been increasing exponentially. I saw so many women go over to one another and congratulating them on their new members.”

 Many of the women already initiated into one of the seven organizations reached out to new members to congratulate them on running home, even if it wasn’t to them. 

The women going through recruitment are looking for a group of women that they truly feel they belong to, a group of women who will support them in every aspect of life and future bridesmaids.

PNM-turned-sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha Haley Burton said, “I was looking for a sorority that will challenge me to grow into a better person whether it be academically or personally. My sisters have already given me a sense of confidence that I can be myself always.”

The Panhellenic community hopes that each of the women who ran home on Sunday is able to find that in their chapter. 

Sarah Potter, the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, along with the other women on Panhellenic E-Board have been working tirelessly on planning recruitment as well as Bid Day since they were elected. They were rewarded at the end of their hard by getting to run back home to their bigs, littles, friends and sisters waiting to catch them.

“The hardest part was being away from my organization,” Potter stated about planning and executing recruitment and Bid Day. “In the end, it was the best and most rewarding experience seeing all the PNMs opening their bids [and it was] was truly incredible.”

On Bid Day only a small amount of the effort was shown that was put into changing many amazing women’s lives by giving them a family and experience they won’t soon forget.The sorority women on Christopher Newport’s campus did not lack in determination to gain new people that they can call sisters and friends. The themes that the orgainzations chose were funky, fresh and in no way lacking creativity, giving members the opportunity to dress up in festive outfits for the occassion.

After running home, all the new members danced their hearts out at their respective organization’s post-bid day celebration. Hopefully, they got some well-deserved rest after a long weekend.

It is yet to be known if another “Panhellenic Plague” will knock out the campus again this year. However, for the women of CNUs Greek community, it will all be worth it after helping so many women find their home away from home.

Kaitlin Sanata is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and participated in Bid Day 2020.

~Kaitlin Sanata, Staff Writer~

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