The 8th Generation Pokemon have finally arrived to town

What are the top five Galar region Pokemon from Sword and Shield?

A brand new generation of Pokemon is always an exciting prospect for me, as it always means tons of new Pokemon to meet and experiment with on your journey. Since Pokemon: Sword and Shield recently coming onto store shelves, plenty of new, fascinating creatures are finally seeing the light of day. The region of Galar, in my opinion, has a very unique cast of Pokemon that are, for the most part, extremely well conceptualized and executed. Everyone at this point has already determined their favorites, including me. So to celebrate Pokemon’s newest release, here’s a brief list of some Pokemon that I happen to really like. If you haven’t played the new games yet and haven’t seen the new Pokemon, you should probably stop reading so you can meet them for yourself.

5. Falinks

 These little fellows are simply too cute and unique not to adore. I love the concept of having a bunch of small orb-like beings that act as a Greek-inspired battalion, which collectively form a singular Pokemon. As I saw a Falinks march around in the overworld for the first time, they made me fall in love with them in an instant. Not only are they super endearing, but they are actually pretty reliable in battle as well. Their decent attack and defense stats do make them a solid last member of a party within any playthrough. Other than their cuteness and reliability, I don’t have much to say about these guys, I just find them— charming.

4. Rolycoly/Carkol/Coalossal

First off, I love the names of this Pokemon line and all of the puns that they provide. Secondly, I’m glad that there’s finally a solid rock-type family that I feel the need to add to my team. I don’t hate rock types, I frankly don’t find most of them particularly interesting or appealing. Luckily, the Rolycoly line have fun in battle and their creative designs make them stand out to me. I love how over-the-top Rolycoly and Carkol’s designs are, since they have wheels as they main method of moving around. Though, I am disappointed that Coalossal strayed away from the other two in the Pokemon line design-wise— but it looks goofy enough to be forgiven. In any case, while this line may not be the have the best defensive combination of types (Rock/Fire is has two quad-weaknesses), the three can still hold their own with good attack and defense stats. All in all, the Rolycoly line is simply rock solid, and a decent pick-up for any team.

3. Scorbunny/Raboot/Cinderace

Everyone has their favorite starters for each generation that they initially choose when they finally play the games. I feel that all of the starters in this generation are great overall, considering each one has a cool concept that is fully realized throughout each evolutionary line. While I like all of the starters, I have to say that the Scorbunny line is my top choice. I love bunnies, so this line definitely resonates with me. I also like the sports aesthetic it has throughout, as it makes the line stand out. I particularly like how Cinderace is a bit smaller and less beefier than most fire-type starters. Their body frame serves as a fast, physical sweeper that works on just about any team. I wish, however, that all of the starters, including Cinderace, weren’t stuck with one type; I feel that they could have benefitted from by having more type diversity. In any case, I strongly recommend that you choose Scorbunny as a cool and useful starter Pokemon.

2. Applin/Flapple/Appletun

I’ve always wanted a strong dragon-type Pokemon that you could get early on in the game, yet I’ve never imagined that it would be an apple. I suppose that I do enjoy apples… so logically I should enjoy the Applin line (which just so happens to be the case). Each member of the family has their own unique traits that make all of them special to me. Applin is a funny worm that hides and rolls around inside of an apple, which is obviously both adorable and funny. It’s a shame though that Applin has such a limited move pool, as it is a bit useless before it evolves. Luckily it’s evolutions make up for Applin’s lack of viability. Flapple is a funny looking flying dragon that is a reliable mixed-attacker, while Appletun is a doofy looking fat dragon that is a bulky special attacker. Every design in this line is entertaining and memorable in each of their own ways, and both Flapple and Appletun are consistent and strong enough to justify adding Applin to any team.

1. Clobbopus/Grapploct

The hardest aspect of writing this list is that my reasonings for liking these Pokemon all boil down to one statement: “I just really like them.” This reasoning is especially prominent in my justification for putting the Clobbopus line at number one, for I simply and inexplicably love every aspect of it. For starters, Grapploct is a very bulky physical attacker that it’s a wonderful late game addition. It is particularly useful for many of the late game battles, as it’s tankiness does help stale whenever the need arises. Clobbopus, for its part, is really adorable and captivating to me for whatever reason. Considering their aesthetic, I suppose that I like Octopuses to a great extent, as I find both of their designs very appealing. The only real complaint I have with this line is that they show up very late into the game, and I wish Clobbopus didn’t evolve so quickly after you catch it. Other than that, this line is by far my favorite by virtue since they give me a sense of joy that I can’t put my finger on. 

Like the other Pokemon mentioned, it’s hard to explain exactly why I take to Clobbopus and Grapploct. Of course, “I just like them” is still a valid reason for liking something I suppose. The great thing about Pokemon is that it can spark joy through many mysterious means. Perhaps I adore all of the new Pokemon because they remind me of the best aspects of a series that I truly cherish.

~Elijah Basu, Staff Writer~

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