Virginia turns blue, makes political history

The Democratic party hits their historic trifecta with the recent elections

Over the last couple of general elections, the Commonwealth of Virginia made history in some sort of fashion.

Since 2017, the blue wave began after the flip of 15 seats in the House and the election of Governor Ralph Northam, giving them hope for 2019. It then continued into 2018, when they netted three seats in Congress, which resulted in an increase of statewide support. Now in 2019, Virginia became the most-watched election nationally and the most expensive election in years, after all of the 140 state legislature seats went up for grabs. This resulted in the continuation of the wave after the Democrats flipped 2 seats in the Senate and 5 seats in the House, causing a new majority in both and a Democratic trifecta for the first time since 1994 (26 years).

The greatest moment from that night was the statement by Governor Northam in which he said: “I have only one question for you. Do you like the color blue? Because I’m here to officially declare today November 5th, 2019 that Virginia is officially blue. Congratulations.” After that moment, the Virginia legislature officially turned from Red to Blue, completed after three years. 

Moving forward into the future, the Commonwealth of Virginia now has a chance to help lead the nation into a world where fair elections will have their momentum, based on The Nation article published on November 6th written by Joan Walsh.

With this victory, we can now look into the impacts it will have in preparation for the 2020 election, as our Commonwealth could become a battleground state (a state that could reasonably be won by either party’s presidential candidate).

Since 2017, the number of women elected keeps increasingly getting higher and higher, especially with the most recent election. The importance of the increasing number of women elected shows that the voters are looking at them to help lead the country.

With 2020 fast approaching, it shows a warning to both the Democrats and the Republicans that the mood of the country overall could go well for the generation of women in future elections because we now know that, “despite concerns of electability, women can and do win,” based on an article written in Vox by Anna North. 

Also with this victory, the Democrats are unleashing the agenda of getting stuff done that they couldn’t get done in the past. Some of their agenda items include passing the Equal Rights Amendment, that would guarantee legal equality for all Americans regardless of sex, making Virginia be the 38th and final state to do so; more gun legislation after the failed Republican-led special session from July, after the Virginia Beach shooting; raising the minimum wage to $15; Medicaid expansion; climate change legislation; education legislation and other legislation that would impact women.

Because of the victory the United States saw in Virginia, the Democrats can now “help build a stronger, more inclusive Commonwealth together” (ending to Northam’s written statement).

~Joshua Grimes, Staff Writer~

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