Deadline rush

Everything is due right now

We are almost at the end of the semester, and all the professors are assigning projects and papers, study guides and test, due dates and deadlines. It stacks up and everyone gets overwhelmed. 

With the amount of items that are due within a week, it is hard to manage time to study for a test, find articles for your paper or set aside time to write an article for the newspaper. 

In addition, with the semester ending soon, everyone is done with school work and putting it off till last minute. Some students maybe are in a burnout state with all the work and can’t stand it anymore, feeling overworked. 

Lastly, many of us stress because we want to raise that one class grade one more letter to not fail the class. There are many things going on, and there is little time to do it.

From personal experience, it just builds up. The projects, tests, papers and major assignments come at you like a stampede of bulls. I often feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic with the amount of work put on me, and sometimes feel like it is impossible to complete everything. 

The stress makes me doubt what I am doing and clouds my better judgement; however, in the back of my head, I know I have to persevere and pull myself.

With all this in mind, here is some advice that keeps me on track with my deadlines:

Prioritize the closest project/paper/test. Whatever due date is first, I suggest doing that work. The reason being is that the date will come up quickly, and you may be caught off-guard by it. You can prepare for your paper that is due in two weeks, but preparing for a test that is one day away is no small feat. 

Manage your time. You should try to do bits of your work leading up to the due date. Study for 30 minutes to an hour on your test, a 15 minute break, then go do that paper for an hour and a half. Plan out your day so you can efficiently finish everything before the due dates. 

Have a break. Don’t just study twelve hours straight; it is unhealthy. Have like a 30 minute to an hour break. 

Either take a walk, play a video game, call your family, talk with a friend, eat good food, just something that is not studying. 

With this break, have self-control to go back to studying. We are easily distracted and lazy when it is time to go back to work, so have some self-control to put down the phone and go back to studying. 

Sleep. Doing an all-nighter is not the best idea, since you will not retain a majority of information you’d study. Sleeping will allow you consolidate the information you’d study across the day and keep it in memory.   

These points kept me above the sea of papers and scholarly journal as the piles builds. Knowing what’s the closest due date and what is the farthest makes me plan what to study. 

If I have a test coming up in five days and a paper due in two weeks, whenever I have free time, study for that test for an hour or two, break off and play a video game, and work on the paper for about an hour. 

It is mostly time management. In addition, because you feel overworked and burnout from studying from dawn to dusk, you will feel stressed and depressed, which is only further demotivational. 

A reasonable option is to do something you enjoy. I have always felt like banging my head against the door whenever I face a difficult computer programming assignment or writing a newspaper article. 

To relieve myself from that anxiety and frustration, I do another activity like playing a video game or doodling. It helps relieve the tension and motivates me to tackle projects. 

I hope this helps some of you Captains stay afloat in this torrent of papers, projects and tests. Good luck and do not drown in the sea of work.

~Felix Phommachanh, Staff Writer~

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