Why Poshmark doesn’t miss the mark

Does the popular clothes vendor app really live up to its hype?

Recently when I was searching for more affordable and stylish clothes that fit my college student budget, I was turned on to a few thrifty shopping apps that my friends use. I am usually the kind of girl that dresses simply, and that means running shorts/leggings and oversized t-shirts.

Luckily, my seemingly styleless college experience changed when some friends showed me an online shopping app called Poshmark. This app, which has over ten million downloads, has been a lifesaver for my closet. 

This app is fun and easy to use; it includes options to not only buy clothes and other accessories, but to sell them as well. You can buy and sell anything from shoes to dresses to makeup from an array of popular brands such as Free People, Lululemon, Nike, J.Crew, Coach and more. No matter your style, I can almost guarantee that you can find clothing more than just “good enough” for your closet here. 

On the very first day that I downloaded the app, I purchased three distinctly different Free People sweaters, each for $40 or less, almost half of what they would normally cost if I had bought them on their website. I am not a big fan of going out and shopping for clothes, so I love having the option to buy fashionable, on-brand clothes on a reliable app like Poshmark for a price that does not break the bank. 

One of the features that I really love about this app is the ability to bargain about the price of an item. If you like an item but the price is just too expensive, there is the option to counter-offer, and the seller can then either accept or decline your offer. A few of my offers were accepted and I got nearly 30 percent off multiple of my orders.

Another feature on the app allows you to “like” a clothing item in order to save it for later. All of the clothes you liked are stored in a little folder that you can come back to when you want to buy them later, like after getting a paycheck.

When you like a clothing item and it is placed into your folder, the seller of that item also has the option to offer you a discount. It can be something like 5 percent off shipping or simply $10 off the item in general. This is also a great way to save money on Poshmark, and if you are asking the question of “do I really want to pay for this?” Well, when you get that notification of the new discount, that question has been answered for you. 

I highly encourage every thrifty guy or fashionable gal out there to try out this app if you like on-brand clothing but don’t have the means to purchase them from retail sellers.

For those people who hate the hassle of going out shopping and buying clothes, like me, you will love having the option to purchase the very same clothes on a free, fun and thrifty app like Poshmark.

~Kaitlin Sanata, Staff Writer~

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