Review: “Mother Earth’s Plantasia”

Warm earth music for plants… and the people who love them.

This album, originally released by Mort Garson in 1976, was actually made to be given away in the plant store “Mother Earth,” thus the name. Over the years, the original masters were lost, along with most copies of the album. In 2018, however, Sacred Bones Records began efforts to restore this album to its former glory, and in mid-2019, the album was re-released. A new master had been created from some of the few remaining vinyl records, digitally cleaned up and repressed. Now, for the first time in thirty years, you can own your very own copy of “Mother Earth’s Plantasia,” an investment well worth its price. 

This album starts with one of the most beautiful atmospheric tunes I have ever heard, named simply “Plantasia.” I highly recommend listening with both headphones on, as the way Garson plays with audio and its channels are brilliant and enamoring. This song specifically sounds almost like a ballad, with the sounds of a fully synthetic band with a higher whistling sound seemingly the leading voice of the track. 

The other-wordly noises on this song, along with the rest of the album, are attributed to the instrument being played, known as “The Moog.” This was an early synthesizer, which according to Garson’s daughter, was what made him switch from writing music for pop stars like Doris Day and Glen Campbell, to making this style of music. 

The rest of the album, however, is also worth note, mostly due to its ability to go without notice. This album is truly a masterpiece for the background listener since it is able to function as a backing track for most occasions, while still being beautiful if you decide to pay closer attention. Some honorable mentions being “Baby’s Tears Blue,” which sounds like a noir detective song mixed with a later wall of sound style. “You Don’t Have to Walk a Begonia” sounds like a carnival from your dreams and “Swingin’ Spathiphyllums”- I know- sounds like a pop song if a keyboard were the whole band. 

“Mother Earth’s Plantasia“  stayed true to its roots with re-release too. Although it is available for digital listening on platforms like Spotify, if you purchase the album (which comes in plant green), you get a booklet full of plantcare tips and stories, as well as a digital download card made from a paper ingrained with wildflower seeds. You can plant this card to grow flowers. 

While this album was designed for plants, they will not be the only ones made happier by listening to this album. Perfect for escaping a bad mood or for escaping thoughts in general, this album is the warm earth noises that I think we could all use a little more of. I give this album a solid 8/10; high praise for a well deserving album.

~Matthew Traversa, Staff Writer~

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