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Are you in search of a recommended collection of poetry books?

Poetry is one of the most emotional forms of literature created to explore ourselves and the world we see around us. Some of the poetry out there is thought-provoking, wise and beautiful, and sometimes it is just awful. The poetry I’ve read has been, mostly by chance, more beautiful than ugly. After all, the quality of a book cannot be judged by the cover alone. 

The books of poetry I picked to recommend were those I connected to on an emotional level, as poetry should, or that I truly had a lot of fun reading. This collection was chosen because each book had qualities that put them above the rest.

“The Wild Party” by Joseph Moncure March

“The Wild Party” by Joseph Moncure March is a narrative poem made up of syncopated rhyming couplets and was written in 1928. It’s about a party that’s set in the Roaring Twenties that slowly turns into a night of wild debauchery, with a minor love triangle between the main characters Queenie, Burrs and Mr. Black thrown in as well. 

This book is perfect for those wanting to read a longer piece of poetry or a poem that creates a story. For those wanting to read poetry not written in the last 50 years, “The Wild Party” fits the bill. 

Available on Amazon in both paperback and hardcover.

“Love Poems” by Pablo Neruda

“Love Poems” by Pablo Neruda is a collection of many of Neruda’s poems on love and his relationship with the woman he loves. It was written in 1952, and many of the poems originated from the relationship he had with Neruda at the time. 

Each poem in the book, be it long or short, expresses the feeling of love and desire. This book is nothing but a celebration of those feelings. One of the most interesting details of the book is that each poem has both a Spanish and English version, so it’s good practice for those who take Spanish. “Love Poems” would also make a good Valentine’s Day present for a person’s significant other. 

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur is a collection of both poetry and prose that is poetic in nature, and it deals with themes such as loss and femininity. It was written in 2014 and is more modern than the previous two recommendations.

 The poems are much simpler and shorter, but the messages can still pack quite a punch. The discussion of loss and femininity in one book can be difficult to pull off, but Kaur handles them in a graceful and relatable manner. Women writers and modern poetry should be supported because they are taking the genre into new and interesting places. “Milk and Honey” is the ideal poetry book for those wanting a quick yet emotional read. 

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback, hardcover, audiobook and ebook.

“Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul” by Nikita Gill

“Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul” by Nikita Gill is a collection of fairytale retellings and original tales that are poetic in nature for women of this generation. It was written in 2018 and is more modern, the same as the previous recommendation. 

This book has a rather feminist stance, in that the women are much more complex and proactive than in most fairytales. It’s a mixture of familiar fairytales given a new spin and original tales given life. “Fierce Fairytales” is perfect for those who love fairytales and stories that focus on women and their choices. There are also many beautiful illustrations inside. 

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback, hardcover, ebook and audiobook.

~Shannon Garrett, Staff Writer~

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