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The reasoning behind buying Disney+ service

Have you ever wanted to watch a Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic show or movie again and again? 

If yes, then Disney+ is your friend. One of the first things that I look for in a streaming service is the cost. Comparing the $6.99/ month cost to other streaming services, it’s cheaper than the other streaming services even with Disney promising the service to remain at that price. 

I really like the $6.99/ month cost due to the fact that I would have access to the entire Disney Vault library, and other library access from studios Disney partnered with and bought such as 20th Century FOX. 

The second thing I look for are the deals produced. So far in preparation for the launch, Disney+ announced major deals with Verizon consumers and with D23 members. 

The next deal that is expected to happen is the Disney+ bundle that would include access to Disney+, ESPN and Hulu for one price of $12.99/ month. 

I preordered the streaming service about sixty days in advance using an exclusive deal, and now I’m a part of the ‘Founders Circle.’ The next thing I look out for is the content. 

For several months now Disney+ offered a test trial in the country of the Netherlands to fix most of the problems that may arise and to see what could become really popular without the addiction of their original content. 

Due to the test trial, I have been increasingly knowing what I might find on the service such as the specific movies and TV shows in which made me want to pre-order the service at that particular time. 

Another thing I look for in the service is whether ads are included or not and what devices fully support the app. 

With Disney+, it’s reported to be ad-free once you leave the home screen and that it supports the most popular devices. 

Other than the content, I would also like to know some of the features. Those features on the streaming service are downloadable content and have extras as seen in DVDs. 

The final thing I look for is the original and future content. I’m really excited to see the content that is based on previously done movies and shows such as “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” another “Phineas and Ferb Movie” and a show involving “The Muppets” just to name a few. 

I’m hoping that the launch of Disney+ is successful because it is definitely the “Start of Something New“ (a reference to the original “High School Musical movie” and meaning that this is the first time a streaming service tried something like this) for how we are adapting to the technology advancements in the world.

~Joshua Grimes, Staff Writer~

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