New changes for housing at CNU

Many changes and updates in the housing process for students in 2020-2021

Housing always seems to be a stressful time for CNU students. In years past, there has been the same system for the housing lottery starting with your freshman year. It allows students to select the exact room in which they want to live and the people that they want to live with. This system is remaining, but as many students know through an email sent out last week, there are some changes being made.

Starting last spring the university formed a committee to review the housing selection process. The committee included staff from University Housing, Residence Life, Auxiliary Services, Student Affairs, Budget and Planning, as well as, Senior Executives. The committee worked together with input from students, including students from the Residence Hall Association, to identify ways to enhance the housing selection process for future years. 

The results of this committee will take effect for the 2020-2021 selection year. They will increase the number of rooms that students required to live on campus can choose from and address a lot of the issues that were highlighted through the process with the committee.

There are multiple changes. There will be an additional 79 beds in Presidents Hall, currently where the construction is located, on East Campus. These will be open to junior and senior students. Next, there were a lot of changes to retention guidelines. Retention for 12-month lease units will now require all of the current occupants to remain in the room. Retention for 10-month lease units will no longer be an option for students under these changes.

These changes may come as a surprise to many students, and theycould take some getting used to. There is currently a new guideline posted on the housing site so that students can go there if they have any need for clarification.

The university worked very hard to accommodate the feedback they were given about students wanting more beds, which is why they changed the retention guidelines. There is also no plan to change the requirement that students stay on campus for at least three years 

Though this process can be difficult and stressful at times, these changes were made regarding student feedback. The university is hopeful that they will help students by giving them more options.

The housing office and university are always open to more feedback to make this experience the best that they can for all Captains.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

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