New app launches for Captains

Marketing students develop an app called Digicurb to help CNU students

A new app known as Digicurb has been making the rounds on campus in the past few weeks. Digicurb is attempting to serve as a student-operated all-in-one app that services a variety of needs around campus. Students provide services by placing themselves on the app as providers and consumers – who are also CNU students – can engage those services. Senior Alexa Hladick, an initial tester of Digicurb in its developmental stage, elaborated on its purpose.

“Digicurb is a student-run app for students. It’s a place where students can run their own businesses. This could be through ride sharing, selling something, offering a service, offering tutoring. It’s a way for students to post offers and students to request offers.” 

Hladick said the app was created by Herbie Morewitz, and herself and other students assisted in testing the app before its release. 

“This idea was from our creator, Herbie. Myself and three seniors from last year were put in contact with him through one of our professors and worked on the project all summer long doing weekly conference calls, testing the app and giving our thoughts and feedback.” 

She also indicated that the reason for the app was primarily that nothing of its kind had yet appeared at CNU. 

It’s being created because it’s something not offered at CNU yet. We know there are already ridesharing apps, but what if your driver was someone you know? Wouldn’t you want to benefit someone close to you or from CNU rather than a stranger?

Hladick emphasized that the app is exclusive to CNU students, although another iteration is also undergoing testing at the University of Virginia (UVA).

“It’s only a website right now, not a physical app yet, which is cost efficient to us as well as to students. It is customized to CNU students. Only students with emails can sign up. It is being tested at other universities, one being UVA… They don’t offer as many ridesharing offers because their restaurants and such are all walkable. Another reason the app is so neat is it is customizable to its location and adaptable.”

Senior Ann Teconchuk, a marketing major and employee of Digicurb, indicated that the CNU community primarily knows Digicurb as a ridesharing app, but that the long-term goal is for the app to be known as a tool for facilitating a diverse range of services provided by and to the student body. 

“The demand is more in ridesharing currently, but our long-term goal is to switch into other services as well as ridesharing. These services can be tutoring, cleaning or anything else CNU students might find helpful.”

Hladick spoke on plans for the app’s future, most of which are focused on getting the word out about the app’s existence as a service for students. She cited the DigiDollar event as a particularly useful tool: Students can sign up for the app in exchange for one dollar rides to and from the Manhattan’s Dollar Drinks special. 

“We definitely plan on watching [the app] grow overall. We had our first Campaign, DigiDollar, where we offered rides to Dollar Drinks for $1 and it was a huge success! This past Friday (Nov. 8) we hosted a cornhole tournament in the plaza where we will offer prizes. We also planned to be at the tailgate (Nov. 9) with more cornhole events to bring more awareness to students. We are already in the process of planning more ride campaigns that I am absolutely thrilled about!”

~Duncan Hoag, Staff Writer~

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