Restaurant review: Byrd’s is the word

Byrd’s Restaurant is one of Newport News’s best brunch spots

According to the popular Tik Tok trend, the birds may work for the bourgeoisie, but with the prices they have at Byrd’s Restaurant in Hidenwood Shopping Center, this restaurant is on students’ sides. 

This little restaurant mostly caters to the breakfast, brunch and lunch crowd as they serve their full menu all day long, which includes pancakes, eggs, burgers, salads and more. I took a trip there on Sunday with a friend of mine to try out their menu and enjoy their atmosphere.

Honestly, we should have done our research a little better because when we got there, the restaurant was packed, and we were told there would be an hour wait. It actually worked out for the two of us because my friend, Bobby, had some homework to do, and I needed to get vegetable oil at the Food Lion that was located a short distance away. The wait took about half that time, but a long wait means we chose a good spot.

Once we got seated, it was smooth sailing. We were put in a corner booth which I personally liked, but all of their seating is comfortable with either nice chairs or padded booths.

As soon as we sat down, one of the women working there greeted us, gave us our menus and told us that she and the rest of the staff “work as a team” which is something I personally enjoy about Byrd’s. What they mean by that is that no one worker is assigned any table: all of the waiters work together in ordering your food and bringing it to you. That way, you don’t have the problem of trying to flag down your waiter for your section. So one waitress took our drink order and another took our food order, which was all done on iPads. 

We were given water immediately when we sat, which I enjoy since I drink about 60 ounces of water a day. I ordered a caramel latte macchiato while my friend Bobby ordered a mimosa (don’t worry, he’s over 21 and I drove). The coffee was good and if you like lots of caramel, it’s the drink for you. Bobby’s mimosa, according to him, was a good blending for only two ingredients and had a little cherry at the bottom for when you finish the drink.

Even though it was about one in the afternoon when we went to Byrd’s, we both ordered breakfast foods. I chose their biscuits and gravy sausage with over easy eggs and a side of sweet potato fries while Bobby opted for a stack of pancakes. While we waited, one waitress brought us a small plate of mini lemon muffins with a little icing drizzled on top; it was an unexpected surprise and a welcome one at that.

It didn’t take long for our food to arrive even though the entire restaurant was packed. The plates that they gave us were huge and took over the table. Bobby’s three pancakes swallowed his plate whole while my biscuits, eggs and fries all managed to stay on top of my plate together.

Personally, I highly recommend the fries that I got as a side. Not only are the sweet potato fries topped with a light dusting of powdered sugar, they also come with a cinnamon confection for a condiment that adds something special than if I were just served ketchup. That being said, there is a whole slew of other sides to choose from including fresh fruits and grits.

The food itself was delicious and completely filling. I barely got halfway through my meal before I had to stop to get some air. Bobby thought that his pancakes and mimosa went well together which I thought was a good combination too. Needless to say, we both went home with full stomachs and to-go boxes, which is a sign of a good restaurant to me.

Byrd’s has a fun, warm atmosphere with a nice staff and great food. Their hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday as they are closed on Monday.

I highly recommend stopping there next time you want some good breakfast or lunch. And if you’re going to go on Sunday, make sure you get there early as they get packed easily. Byrd’s is conveniently located in Hidenwood Shopping Center and is walk-in only as they do not accept reservations.

~Caroline Tucker, Staff Writer~

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