Gender neutral housing options

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding whether gender neutral housing options will be available at Christopher Newport University

As times change, so does our society. One topic where this is currently happening is when it comes to gender neutrality. There are discussions around things such as bathrooms and housing. Here at Christopher Newport University, there has been talk about adopting gender neutral housing.

“The university currently offers a gender-neutral housing option through the theme units in James River Hall,” Vice President of Student Affairs Kevin Hughes said. “Students of different genders have lived in these apartments based on a theme/concept/idea to which they all agree. Themes have included Tasty (cooking), Melting Pot (diversity), Gaming, Wellness (healthy living) and organizational groups.”

These theme units pose to be a fairly popular option for many students, but of course, there are not many, and if gender neutral housing becomes a bigger issue, then these theme units will definitely not be enough. 

“We’ll continue to look at housing to include gender-neutral options, and have appreciated the thoughts shared by students and always welcome more input. Those suggestions are helpful as we look to the future of what campus housing may look like,” Hughes said. “For example, in Spring 2019 we received insightful ideas from students about the housing lottery and overall selection process. We have incorporated those ideas as we develop new housing selection guidelines for the Spring 2020 process.”

The housing process is always a stressful and difficult time for many students. There are always issues, but of course, nothing can be perfect. Some students are also involved in the discussion surrounding gender neutral housing.

“Gender neutral housing should be an option at CNU. I believe if the students are mature enough to choose to live with the opposite sex, then they know what comes with it,” senior Caitlyn Bauske said.

Though we have the theme units, this is a discussion that will remain at CNU and one that could change very soon.

 Be sure to check back next week for an update on the housing process and some major changes that will be coming.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

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