Last-minute Halloween dorm decorations

Today is the last day of spooky season, so make the most of it with these easy decoration ideas

Your dorm may already look a little bit scary this Halloween, but not quite in the way you may want it to. With random candy wrappers sitting around that your roommates didn’t clean up, crunchy leaves falling outside your window and gross (real) cobwebs in the unreachable top corners of your bedroom, your living space can sometimes look kind of dingy.

Here are some ideas for some affordable, last-minute Halloween and fall-themed decorations that you can incorporate into your dorm or apartment space, no matter how much or how little space you have.

Fill a festive bowl with candy

This is an incredibly easy way to get into the Halloween spirit that’ll leave your roommates grinning like jack-o-lanterns. Visit any store that sells Halloween stuff, find a cute Halloween-themed bowl or even a trick-or-treating bucket, buy some of your favorite types of candy and fill the bowl to the brim. You may start gaining some winter weight a little bit early due to having candy so easily available to eat, but they’re fun size, so who’s really counting?

Hang a garland

Fun and festive garlands easily bring a happy feeling into a boring space, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating. You can easily find these at Dollar Tree or Target’s dollar section for no more than a few dollars.

This year, Target’s dollar section has several different festive options such as glittery multicolored leaves and letters that spell out “Trick Or Treat.” If you don’t want to spend money on a garland, you can easily make your own with pieces of cut out cardstock paper. Simply hole punch your cut-out designs and hang them up with yarn or string.

Decorate a door or two

During your freshman year here at CNU, professors like to bring their kids trick-or-treating through your residence halls to collect candy. Each hall has a theme and decorations lining their walls and covering some of their doors.

You can easily recreate this if you’re an upperclassman or if you live in an apartment-style residence hall. Simply take some streamers, caution tape, construction paper or whatever else you feel like you need to create the spookiest door. Take this idea in whatever direction you want, whether you want to make your door resemble a movie monster or if you want to put fake spiderwebs all over it.

Buy some window clings

You’ve probably seen them in almost every window during the last couple months of each year if you’ve ever walked past a freshman dorm, but you’re never too old for window clings. They always add an element of fun to brighten up boring, drab windows, and no matter how silly they may look, they always at least make you smile.

Find these at any Target or Walmart. You’ll be shocked at all of the different types they have, from a family of black cats to multi-colored letters that spell out “SPOOKY SZN.” Whether you’re more of a “happy harvest” type of person or you’re just a fiend for Halloween, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Bring home a few mini pumpkins and gourds

They’re tiny. They come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. And gosh darnit, they’re just downright cute. Who could say no to mini pumpkins and gourds? Each one is extremely unique with different color combinations and a differently twisted stem.

Put them on your kitchen table in your apartment or even on your desk hutch if your dorm doesn’t have its own kitchen. You can even write or draw on them to make them more personalized. You can find these adorable (and affordable) additions to your newly spooky room at any grocery store for no more than a couple dollars, making this idea another one that is easily affordable for the average broke college student who still wants to find an easy way to decorate.

There you have it, a list full of easily affordable options to help you celebrate spooky season at the very last second. They don’t take a long time or very much money to put into action, and they will definitely leave you and your roommates feeling more festive and your room looking more fun.

You can also amend many of these ideas and utilize them for just about any holiday if Halloween isn’t your thing (they make Christmas window clings too, of course).

While these ideas may be just subtle little things to help you celebrate a holiday or a season in a small space, they’re sure to bring some Halloween spirit to your living space.

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

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