A wedding Captains will remember

CNU baseball coach marries his fiancee on his own field at Captains Park

On Saturday, Oct. 19, the longtime Christopher Newport Baseball coach married his fiance, but this wasn’t any ordinary wedding. They had their ceremony and reception on the field here at CNU with the entire team in attendance and participating in the event.

Deciding to have a wedding not only where you work but on a field is not something just anyone would think of doing.

“Well, I suggested a destination wedding and Emily is the one who wanted to have it on the field. So that’s how the location was determined, and plus it allowed me to have my team in it which I thought was awesome,” Baseball coach John Harvell said.

Harvell said his wife is a huge sports fan, considering she was a cheerleader at Old Dominion University, so she was really excited about getting married on the baseball field. 

The setup of the baseball field was seemed perfect for the wedding, and the beautiful sunny weather cooperated to contribute to the atmostphere.

“We got married at home plate and the guests (fans) sat in the bleachers,” Harvell said. “She walked from 3rd base to home and my guys (in their uniforms) made an arch way with their bats for her to walk under.”

Not only were their friends and families there to support them, but his players got to be a part of the wedding in their uniforms. This just added another special part to such a special day.

All 38 of his players were at the wedding and even about 50 of his former players from teams from 2001 all the way to 2019 were in attendance. 

“Sharing it with all of my friends and players made it very special, and of course having it take place on the field. I would like to give a huge thanks to President Trible, VP Bill Brauer, Athletic Director Kyle McMullin and Assistant Athletic Directors Carrie Gardner and Matt Kelchner for allowing me to use my field,” Harvell said.

This was a unique wedding on campus and yet another memory those at Captain’s Park will cherish.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

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