Review: Tove Lo’s “Sunshine Kitty”

After a two year hiatus, Tove Lo returns with a roaring, bold album 

The “Habits (Stay High)” singer-songwriter, Tove Lo, recently released her fourth studio album titled, “Sunshine Kitty.” The Swedish-born singer garnered media and popular attention in 2014 with her first hit, “Habits (Stay High),” from her first album. Lo has gone on to release two additional albums, “Lady Wood” and “Blue Lips,” both seeing more overseas success than domestic. Her latest album comes with several features and a continued autobiographical narrative that the singer-songwriter takes to her music. Opposed to her other albums, “Sunshine Kitty” features a happier sounds, albeit it being still rather mellow and grunge-y. 

The album opens with “Gritty Pretty – Intro” that features a recording in Italian that resembles a voicemail. Next, “Glad He’s Gone” which was released as a single ahead of the album features Lo’s signature rhythmic vocals and heady drum beat. Following that is “Bad as the Boys” featuring Finnish singer, ALMA. This song is a much more typical pop song in its essence and hits all the key points of a Tove Lo song. She brings a melodic element to this song that, unlike some of her other songs, is reminiscent of a mid 2000s pop song with elements similar to artists like Kesha or Katy Perry. The fourth track is titled “Sweettalk my Heart” which is much more rhythmic and beat-heavy than other tracks. She focuses a lot of her vocal prowess in this song with melodious highs and lows in her soprano range. “Really don’t like u” features Australian singer Kylie Minogue. This song is more similar to what a listener can expect from Tove Lo as it is referential to her older sound. The twelfth track is “Shifted” with a burst of synth, this track is definitely a stand out from the rest. Lo brings in a strong dance beat and lyrics that are easy to understand and sing along to.

Overall, “Sunshine Kitty” stands as a strong addition to Tove Lo’s discography and is a great example of an artist who, while still being considered mainstream pop, takes the listener outside of the “norm.” Lo manages to reveal herself and her thoughts through this album and makes the listener understand her through the music alone; and, maybe allow for some similarities to arise. The album overall flows well and fits together, the songs are danceable with some standouts that should be given special attention: “Shifted”; “Bad as the Boys”; and “Sweettalk my Heart.” Tove Lo has released yet another strong album that should be listened to, and I can’t wait to see what else she will do in the future. 

Track List:

1. Gritty Pretty- Intro

2. Glad He’s Gone

3. Bad as the Boys (feat. ALMA)

4. Sweettalk my Heart

5. Stay Over

6. Are U gonna tell her? (feat. MC Zaac)

7. Jacques (with Jax Jones)

8. Mateo

9. Come Undone

10. Equally Lost (feat. Doja Cat)

11. Really don’t like u (feat. Kylie Minogue)

12. Shifted

13. Mistaken

14. Anywhere u go

~Nicholas Alexander-Goldsmith, Staff Writer~

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