Women’s Leadership Summit

CNU welcomes nationally recognized public speaker Alexa Carlin to speak at the Women’s Leadership Summit on Sunday with open arms

On Sunday Oct. 20, women of Christopher Newport came together in the David Student Union in order to celebrate and encourage one another through the Women’s Leadership Summit. Bursting with positivity and a strong presence from the greek community, this event included several empowering female speakers, including nationally renowned keynote speaker Alexa Carlin. Carlin, with her simply stated mission of, “making a difference in at least one person’s life every single day,” secured her success by becoming an entrepreneur and motivational public speaker with a focus on empowering women. In fact, the Women Empower X (WEX) event, Alexa Carlin’s brainchild, is going on its fourth year. This specific event uplifts women who are leaders and entrepreneurs, and Alexa attends a multitude of different events throughout the year. Her talks at places like Women’s Leadership Summit (WLS) help people, specifically women, build the confidence and motivation they need in order to achieve their goals and dreams. 

I had the pleasure of attending WLS and hearing the moving words of Alexa Carlin and the sharing of her struggles. The manner in which she introduced her experiences and how she moves past them was nothing short of inspirational. Formerly diagnosed with an illness giving her a one percent chance to live combined with her ongoing autoimmune disease, Carlin’s advice for moving past hardships such as these and turning them into positivity included the power of the internal mindset on the external reality. She also emphasized the importance of personal achievement and having a strong sense of community, values that we here at CNU can most definitely identify with. The way Carlin ended her speech by underlining just how crucial it is to take external action was a fantastic way to introduce the Women’s Leadership Summit.

In addition to the powerful words of Alexa Carlin, WLS included several other eloquent and impactful speakers who highlighted different aspects of feminine strength and women’s rights. After Carlin’s introduction, there were three smaller sessions to attend. Each session was made up of three different speakers, all women who are part of CNU’s very own community, to choose from based on personal interest. Every group and speaker focused on a different topic, such as self growth, overcoming obstacles that are associated with womanhood and courageousness. During the lunch provided by the event, there was a lighthearted, fun guest performance by a women’s comedy group on campus called the Improvocateurs. Following all of these lovely ladies and closing out the WLS was Dr. Rachel Bitecofer, who reminded us all of the significance of gender diversity and women’s rights throughout history. She brought up the fact that the 100th anniversary of the nineteenth amendment, which granted women the right to vote in America, is coming up next year. These reminders of progress were an encouraging and thoughtful way to close out the Women’s Leadership Summit, and it left its attendees on an empowered note.

~Ginny Hunter, Staff Writer~

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