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Need some help planning some cute fall dates? This article has you covered

It’s that time of year again: the air is crisp and cool, the leaves are changing colors and falling and Instagram feeds are filled with couples doing fall-themed things.

What are some of the best dates to go on during the fall season? Below are some of the top dates to go on during fall close to CNU.

Visiting a pumpkin patch/pumpkin carving

What screams fall and Halloween more than pumpkins? Grab your significant other and drive to one of the numerous pumpkin patches in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Then, bring your pumpkins back to your dorm room and spend the evening carving designs into them. Don’t have the time or want to drive all the way to a pumpkin patch? Lots of stores are selling pumpkins, so you can always buy them there.

Apple picking at an orchard

Hampton, Yorktown and several other towns surrounding Newport News have apple orchards. You and your partner can bundle up in sweaters and head to one of them to spend a few hours selecting fresh apples. Then, go home and cook apple pies, apple sauce and other apple-inclusive meals together in the kitchen. Again, if you don’t have the time or feel like driving to an orchard, there are farmers markets and produce stores that will sell fresh apples as well. 

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens

This popular, yet exhilarating, date destination is in Williamsburg, Va. You and your better half can spend the night playing games, riding rollercoasters and holding each other close while walking through multiple haunted houses in the amusement park. Busch Gardens is holding their annual Howl-O-Scream event from Sept. 14 – Nov. 3. Although this date can get a little expensive, it is well worth it. For more information or to get tickets, visit https://buschgardens.com/williamsburg/events/howl-o-scream/.

Spooky movie night

On a particularly cold day, spend the afternoon or evening cozied up in blankets and sweatshirts watching fall or Halloween themed movies. Watch classic movies like Hocus Pocus or the Halloweentown series, or watch more spooky movies like Halloween or The Conjuring. To make the date even more special, cook pumpkin and ghost Pillsbury sugar cookies to snack on. 

Walk and picnic on the Noland Trail

Very close to campus, the Noland trail is a picturesque date location. Take a stroll down the scenic trail, and when you find the perfect spot, lay out a blanket to enjoy some of your favorite foods. To make it even more romantic, make sure to go when the sun is beginning to set.

Although this list is obviously targeted towards couples, for those who are not in a romantic relationship, the ideas on this list list can also be done with close friends. No matter whether you are single, taken or “it’s complicated,” this list gives you some fun activities to ramp up your spooky season with the ones you love.

~Emma Dixon, CNUTV Managing Editor~

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