A hypnotizing experience

A student dares to be hypnotized for the first time and shares the craziness

Recently Mat Lavore, the Mentalist, performed at CNU’s Gaines Theater in the Freeman Center.  Mat Lavore is a magician, mind reader and hypnotist all in one. 

As a member of the audience, I was chosen to go up on the stage to be a part of the show along with nine other students from the crowd.  

I learned from Lavore that in order to be susceptible to hypnosis you have to willingly let your mind be creative, really reflecting upon the words spoken by the hypnotist.  I was very eager to try my best to fall into a state of hypnosis because I was extremely curious about how it would make me feel or what odd things I would do on stage.  

Being in a state of hypnosis was not exactly a deep sleep, but a deep state of relaxation.  Lavore had me focus on a crease in the palm of my hand as he moved my hand slowly closer to my face.  All of a sudden, my hand became blurry and he put me right to “sleep.”  

I could hear everything Lavore was saying, but every muscle in my body was completely relaxed in the sleeping state.  

From the audience, it looks like the participants are all asleep on stage, but in reality, they are aware of the voices around them, able to “wake up” when instructed.  

The first task he had us do when he woke us up was to laugh loudly, then louder, then like a mad-man.  Apparently I was dying laughing and immediately snapped out of it when he told us to sleep, throwing my head back into my lap.  

He then tapped me on the shoulder and said something along the lines of, “only the person I am touching right now, you forgot your name, you are not Caitlin anymore.  You have a new name and it is Bruce Willis the Third.  You are very proud of your name and protective over it.”  

He then woke me up and asked me what my name was.  In this moment, I do not know if I actually believed my name was Bruce Willis the Third, but it just flowed confidently and fluidly out of my mouth like I was born to say it.  

When people in the audience started laughing, Lavore said that people were making fun of my name and asked what I had to say about it.  

I got very emotional and protective over my new name, acting extremely hurt over the fact that they were laughing at it.  I began to cry; actual tears were streaming from my eyes over the name Bruce Willis the Third.  

After crying for a short amount of time, he put me back into the sleeping state. Apparently I was knocked out, done crying, and just sleeping like nothing had happened.  

That is the weirdest part for me to think about because it is crazy how in hypnosis you can be laughing or crying in one moment then sleeping the next.  I would not normally act like that in person, so I am not quite sure how that came out of me.  

To end our hypnotic state, he had us close our eyes and take deep breaths that I still do not remember fully.  As I walked off the stage, I was aware of some of the broad things I did, but the details were hazy.  

My friends had to remind me and show me videos of what I did during the show.  It was definitely a cool experience and would recommend to try it if you ever have the opportunity.  

Anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing to be; it does not actually affect or change anything about your life.  After the experience was over for me, I felt the exact same that I did before I had stepped on the stage.  

Yes, some details about being hypnotized were hazy for me, but I still came out of the experience as the same Caitlin that I have always been.  While everyone’s experience may be different, this was my personal perception on hypnosis.

~Caitlin Doyle, Staff Writer~

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