Another fair to boost your future

The Center for Career Planning puts on its semi-annual graduate school fair

Last Wednesday, another fair took place here at Christopher Newport University. The Center for Career Planning put on the Graduate School Fair. In years past this has been at the same time as the Career Fair, but this year they decided to make it separate in order to help out students.

This year a staggering number of schools attended. There were 44 different graduate schools for students to learn about. This fair is of great importance to students just like the Career Fair. 

“Students often think speaking with graduate schools isn’t necessary unless graduate school is on their immediate time horizon, or students rule out graduate study altogether or graduate school at a private university or an out of state university thinking it will not be affordable.  However, there is financial aid available, in many cases there are even more resources for graduate study than undergraduate study,” Director of the Center for Career Planning Libby Westley said.

Students also struggle with the idea of going to school longer. After undergraduate many students are tired and think more school is not the way to go. 

“Some people also rule out grad school thinking they are burned out, but the fun part of graduate school is specializing in a field that you find really interesting. Often in grad school, almost every course can be related to that more narrow speciality and very directly applied to a particular job function or career path,” Westley said.

Some of the schools in attendance included Georgetown University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with a Masters in Global Infectious Disease, Virginia Tech’s vet program, the VCU Brand Center, GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences (which is a joint program of Georgetown Medical School and GMU College of Science) and many more. 

Not only did other schools attend the fair, but there are also programs right here at Christopher Newport University that students could learn more about.

“There are also many graduate school disciplines that parallel liberal arts areas offered at Christopher Newport, or you could pursue professional preparation degrees like an MBA, or MFA or a JD.  Education, Counseling and Social Work, Business and Arts & Sciences are popular areas of graduate study for CNU alumni,” Westley said.

So, whether you think it is something you want to do or not, graduate school may be something to look into. The Center for Career Planning is always around to help students narrow down their options and work on applications.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

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