An open letter to the CNU community

Dear CNU Community:

In the first week of September, more than fifty pieces of white supremacist propaganda were posted across our campus by an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a “white nationalist hate group.” This group, which emerged in the aftermath of the deadly rally in Charlottesville in August 2017, has recently begun distributing their hateful message in towns and on college campuses across the country.

We, the undersigned faculty, join President Trible in publicly denouncing “the violence and vile and vicious voices” of white supremacy. We condemn this group’s action on our campus and the divisive and repugnant ideologies that underscores all that they do.

Christopher Newport University’s own free speech statement states: “History teaches that life as a responsible citizen, in a free representative republic, is likely to require contesting offensive, unwarranted or dangerous ideas. However, obstruction or suppression of such ideas is neither appropriate nor, in the long run, effective. Instead, one must be prepared to engage in robust counter-speech that challenges the merits of ideas we disagree with, exposes them for what they are, dismantles specious arguments, and identifies fear mongering and fallacy. It is the responsibility and commitment of Christopher Newport University to educate our students in a culture that embraces individual freedom and the personal responsibility that comes with it.”

We cannot remain silent when such racist, intimidating messages present themselves on this campus. We firmly believe that the appropriate response is to openly denounce them as what they are: racist, xenophobic messages intended to instill fear, promote division, and recruit new members. 

Our University’s Inclusion and Diversity statement proclaims: “we affirm our commitment to a campus culture that embraces the full spectrum of human attributes, perspectives, and disciplines, and offers every member of the University the opportunity to become their best self.” 

We believe that in order for us to live our community values of inclusion and diversity, we must denounce the appearance of this hateful literature and imagery on our campus as fundamentally incompatible with our values and the sense of community that we strive to create every day on our campus. 

We urge all members of our community to stand with us and work together to keep our campus a safe, open, and inclusive place for all.


Rocío Gordon

Linda M. Waldron

Johnny Finn

Tatiana Petrova Rizova

Valentina Sorbera

Ivan Rodden

Dr. Jana Adamitis

Jason Ray Carney

Lindsey Stone

Sarah Elizabeth Camp

A. Horten

Kristin Skees

Sheri Shuck-Hall

Joseph F. Healey

Frances Saxton

Laurena Bernabo 

Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo 

Andrew J. Falk

Sandra Caballero

Dali Wang

Gyan Pradhan

Edward Brash

Dr. Rebecca Wheeler

Suparna Chaudhry

Lisa Smith Webb

Danielle Stern

Gina B. Polychronopoulos, Ph.D.

Reza Espahbodi 

Thomas Hall

Dr. John Nichols

Lisa L. Heuvel

Carolyn K Davis

Bill Connell

Leslie Rollins

Jessica Thompson

Kathleen Brunke

Michael Lewis

Taiyi Sun

Scott Pollard

Rachel Bitecofer

Matthew Morena

Sean Connable 

Michael McNeill

Deirdre Ruscitti Harshman

John Hyland

Michelle Horner Grau

Graham M. Schweig

Dr. Jason Lyons

James Kelly

Gayle T Dow

Dr. Kathryn Sinclair Fenter

Joe Sery

Laura Puaca

Mary Wright

Dr. Jeffrey A. Gibbons

Benjamin Corbin

Molly Waters

Sarah Chace

Niazur Rahim

Kristen Allegood

Rob Atkinson

Hongwei Chen

John F. Camobreco 

Cornell A. Carpenter

Margarita Marinova

Steven Keener

Jay S. Paul 

Robyn L. Middleton 

Sharon M. Rowley

Laurie Pearce Hager

Anne Pascucci

Lauren K. Reynolds

Veronique Frucot

Jess Hench

Ronald Mollick

Ben Redekop

Terry Rice Hinders

Diane Catanzaro

Darlene Mitrano

Kelly B. Cartwright, Ph.D. 

Ann Mazzocca Bellecci

Michelle Barnello

David Conner

Dr. Douglas Gordon

John M. Thompson

Raymond J. Riha

Jamie Martin

Mohammad Almalag

Jane Rochmes

Marissa Walker

Chris Loy

Danielle Velardi

Matthew Homan

Anna Salazar

Dr. Barbara J Abraham

Alonso Varo Varo

David Heddle

Joshua Guitar

Richard Weber

David M. Pollio

Alan Skees

Quentin Kidd

Margaret Curtis

Zhaochen He

Abby Brooks

Michelle Erhardt

Holly Kidd

George K Zestos

Sara Black

Sharon Larson

Patricia Seuchie

Lori J. Underwood

Jeffrey L. Niehaus

Ryan Asalone, Esq.

Richard Freund

Kyle Garton-Gundling

Geoffrey Klein

Nicole Emmelhainz

Brian M. Puaca

Dale Timmer

Camelia Deller

Jeanne Nailor

Andria Timmer

Peter M. Carlson, Emeritus

Crystal Shelton

Brian McInnis

Youssef Chouhoud

Sylvain Poosson, PhD

Costa Gerousis

Courtney Mozo

Jessica Apolloni

Laurie Sullivan Hunter

Nicole Guajardo

Kara Keeling

Elizabeth Gagnon

Gabriele Lingenfelter

Christopher Kreider

Kimberly Ankney

Jeffrey Walker

Timothy R. Marshall

Jeannine Leger

Patrick Gardner

Joan McMahon

Stephanie Valutis

Elaine M. Miller

Christopher Meighan

Alice Veksler

Lisa Smith

Kathryn Cole

Jeffrey M. Carney

Lorraine K. Hall

Gwynne Brown

Todd Lee Goen

Jaime D. Harris

Brian Pompeii

Harold Grau

Dawn Hutchinson

Anna Teekell

James Bogenpohl

Linda D. Manning

Mario D. Mazzarella

Michelle Lange

Travis Taylor

Elizabeth Moran

Shelia P. Greenlee

Tim Pressley

Roberto A. Flores

Kathleen Callahan

David Stenner

Johnnie Gray

Chelsey Hamm

Chris Kennedy

Julian Stetkevych

Jill Russett

Karyn Ward

Elena Valdez

Danielle Docka-Filipek

Laine Briddell

Rachel J. Holland

Brian Bradie

Bradley Buszard

Susan Traner

Raffi Sarkissian

Scott Smith

Kevin Shortsleeve

Elizabeth Wood

Sean Heuvel

Maxwell Tfirn

Pamela Gaddis

David Shuhy

Rik Chakraborti

William Donaldson

Matthew Lattanzio

Michael Mulryan

Hussam Timani

Laura Lloyd

Anton Riedl

Jan Dougherty

Yixiao Jiang

Amy Baird

Brianna Lane

Randall Caton

Nigel Sellars

Russell Burke

Matt Scroggs

Dr. Angela N. Spranger

Laura Deiulio

Lamar Ford

Jaime Allison

Eric Silverman

Margaret Richardson

David Gore

Rabbi Gershon Litt

Heather Harwell

Iordanka Panayotova

Anthony R. Santoro, Ph.D.

Kip Redick

Andrew M. Rose

David C. Collar

Jim Cornette

Drew Baird

Jonathan Backens

Javier Mella

Matt Hettche

April Cobos

Betsy Jelinek

Charles Samuels

Stephanie Caggiano

Thomas D. Berry

Benjamin Lynerd

Sarah Finley

Jeanne D Hubbard

Dae-Hee Kim

Joanna Eleftheriou

Ronnie Cohen, Emerita

Ben Doleac

Diana Obeid

Elisa Finneran

Xiaoqun Xu

Harry Greenlee

Kerry Fallon

Janet Steven

Joe Balay

Robert C. Winder

Cynthia Davis 

Susan Antaramian

Joshua D. Patterson

Jessica Kelly

Charlotte Cartwright

Amy Anderson

Erick G. Hagstrom

Georgepierre Lebron

Lynn Shollen

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