Fall Farmers Market

Hosted on the York River Hall strip, the weekly Farmers Market makes another appearance at CNU. Vendors and delicious food trucks are set up to give the students a nice study break every Thursday. Walking through this market is so peaceful, especially listening to the live music in the background while shopping. 

The vendors consist of anything from handmade jewelry, dorm decor and plants to tasty treats, ice cream and savory food.

 Many students have been mentioning the pizza tent at the Farmers Market, so I had to try it. It is brick oven pizza from the Veteran owned and operated Rocking Pizza Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza. Skipp and Lisa Cook have been selling their pizza at CNU’s Farmers Market for three years now. They are a “strictly mobile” business that will appear at “markets, parties, reunions, weddings…and more!”  Lisa Cook describes how they began their business: “We both retired, and then decided we wanted to start our own small business that allowed us freedom to do whatever we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it.” As Skipp Cook was putting my pizza in the brick oven, he explained how the cheese is not just any ordinary cheese, “It’s not just some cheese that you get at the supermarket.”

“We use mozzarella that is from Italy and is made from buffalo milk. The cream is smoother and sweeter than cow’s milk and we can tell the difference because of the melt.  When you go to a regular pizza place the melted cheese is kind of lumpy and can be oily. 

“When we give you this pizza you’ll see it doesn’t have any oil on it and that’s because the cheese is about the best you can get. It’s very expensive and the most expensive ingredient we buy.”  

He was right: this pizza was absolutely delicious. 

I could tell how much thought was put into each individual pizza after the first bite.  One personal pizza was just the right amount to share with a friend. 

Another vendor that seemed to be one of the hotspots of the market was handmade home decor and jewelry by Renee Beamer. “I do home fragrance and a lot of wall decor,” says Beamer, “showcasing some macrimea here for the students, and we’re doing a ‘Make and Take’ project, something special I do just for the student market.” The ‘Make and Take’ project is to create your own wall decor with some natural elements. With driftwood as the base, you can either have five strands of natural elements on a small branch or a large branch with nine strands.  “What’s really cool about all these options is that you really can’t go wrong in your design.” Beamer is very relatable to the students because she has come up with something for students to be able to look into their creative side, and it’s “just a nice mental break from the stress of the day.”Renee Beamer is also a writer and has a book and journal that is available on Amazon called “You are More Than You Know.” 

So check it out online or visit her at the next Farmers Market because she brings copies with her.   

CNU Freshman Lex Mcgrail says, “Since I live in York West, it’s great to step outside to  a farmers market right outside my door.  The pizza was really good too!” Other vendors you’ll see at the market include Hears the Scoop Premium Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Blind Babe Bakery, Caribbean Island Snack, as well as students and locals selling handmade scrunchies, jewelry, plants, art and more. 

CNU’s Farmers Market Thursdays are not something to miss out on. 

Clear your mind from class work for a little and explore the wonderful vendors that are there just for you.

~Caitlin Doyle, Staff Writer~

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