Are you registered to vote?

A group helps register students during National Voter Registration Day

The closest election coming up is the General and Special Elections on Nov. 5. If you are not registered to vote already, then you must register before Oct. 15 to vote in the upcoming election. Not to mention, the 2020 presidential election is just around the corner. 

Whether the election is big or small, each election puts a new officer in charge of how an area of our country is ran. In fact, the smaller the election seems, the more it will impact your local life because they are handling issues directly in your county or area. With college students not engaging in their civic responsibility of voting, an educated and mature audience is not having their voice heard in their county, state or country. Most college students do not even think about getting registered to vote until it is too late to vote in the next election. Virginia21 is hoping to change that.

Virginia21, an off-campus group, has had a table set up in the David Student Union Breezeway to help students get registered to vote on campus. It usually takes only a couple of minutes to complete the registration, so students can do it conveniently in the DSU between their classes. It is a great way for students to register because students can actually vote through CNU versus doing an absentee ballot. Virginia21 is a group of young adults who promote college affordability, student rights, election access, campus safety and economic opportunity. Virginia21 actually held their Summer Leadership Institute here at CNU this past summer. It is a five-day program that focuses on training young college students on advocating through policy, leadership, strategic communications, organizing and governance. Madisyn Hess, a junior at CNU, said, “I think it might come off as abrasive, but I think it is important and awesome that they make a presence on campus and make it easy for students to vote.” 

Virginia21 is not the first organization on campus to push for students to be more civically involved. Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) is a nonpartisan group that focuses on registering voters, educating voters on elections and pushing students to vote by working with other organizations on campus. CEEP holds education meetings to inform voters on when the next election is, what it entails and how to vote. Joshua Scrabeck, a senior, said CEEP is focusing on “building coalitions between student-run organizations, the administration and faculty to increase student voting turnout.” Joshua acknowledged that as young voters, we are the ones in charge of steering which way our politics will go. No matter your view on politics or what anyone else may tell you, it is hugely important that everyone has a voice in the ballots.

~Caitlyn Bauske, Staff Writer~

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