Students debate which NFL team is the BEST

Denver Broncos

I’ll admit it – I’ve never been a super devoted football fan. I’ll watch the big game if everyone else in the room is glued to the TV and they refuse to let me change the channel. 

But when fall rolls around (and with it, football season), I find myself needing to swear allegiance to an NFL team that I can name-drop in conversation whenever a die-hard fan asks me who I’m rooting for. 

To answer this age-old question, I say the Broncos, which takes a lot of people by surprise because they probably expected me to say an east coast team of some sort, like the Redskins or the Patriots. 

I grew up in Colorado, and for me, rooting for the Broncos is a way to hold onto my past and carry it with me all the way to my new home on the east coast. 

I remember wearing Broncos gear at my Colorado middle school and bonding over the team with my friends, and I remember how I smiled when I found a Broncos shirt in a Virginia thrift shop after I moved here. 

To me, the Broncos represent more than just a team – they represent a sense of identity and belonging, and that’s something I’ll hold onto long after the season comes to an end.

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

Washington Redskins

If it hasn’t become abundantly clear through watching them play, the Washington Redskins have had a tumultuous beginning to the 2019-2020 campaign. 

Despite hot starts against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins “have a flair for the dramatic.” 

Washington chooses to keep the score close, as this is a shining example of sportsmanship at the highest level. This noble sacrifice by Coach Jay Gruden and his staff often leads to self-implosion and a zero in the win column. Look, Washington’s Quarterback, Case Keenum, took the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship Game two years ago. Who’s to say he couldn’t do it again with a less talented roster? But maybe Washington won’t need an MVP-like season from Keenum. 

Adrian Peterson is still amazing. He ran for 1,000 yards last season. He’s 34 years old and he still looks younger than me. 

Although the Redskins are noticeably old at two of the most important skill positions, they have a young and talented core. There’s hope for the future, or that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past two decades.

~Matthew Morisher, Staff Writer~

Pittsburg Steelers

If you were to quiz me on how football works, I would probably get a 50% or less, but that doesn’t stop me from supporting the Steelers. 

As a little kid, all my friends had so much pride for the Patriots, and I wanted to be like them. At that point I was young enough not to be considered a bandwagon yet. My dad, however, has been a Steelers fan in Massachusetts since he was seven, so could I really betray the family tradition of being a Steelers girl in a Patriots world? 

I soon realized that staying a Steelers fan saved me from subscribing to the most obnoxious fan group in the NFL: a Patriots fan. Now don’t be offended because I love you all when you aren’t being fans, but living with and being best friends with Patriots fans during a game… let me just say all loyalties fly out the window when they are rooting for their team. 

As a Steelers fan, I can say we have pride as we hold our six rings high for at least one more season as the Patriots catch up, but ultimately I couldn’t abandon my dad in his love of the Steelers in a state full of Patriots. I couldn’t bring myself to create an inhouse rivalry over a game I barely understand.

~Allison Wooler, Staff Writer~

New England Patriots

I grew up in Pennsylvania, so you are probably wondering why I am a Patriots fan, but my dad and his side of the family were all born and raised in Boston.

My first winter hat as a baby was a pink beanie with the New England logo on it. Growing up, my dad always had the game on, and I would just sit and hang out with him to keep company but had no clue what was going on.

Just about three years ago, I started paying more attention to the games and asked my dad loads of questions.  Besides the fact that they’ve won six Super Bowls, the way the Patriots play is intriguing and unique to me. This type of play most certainly comes from Bill Belichick’s style of coaching, which has lead his team to success.  The plays Belichick has up his sleeves keeps everyone on their toes. 

For instance, the double pass play they pulled out at the home opener against the Steelers was a play that was executed so perfectly, it had me screaming for approximately thirty seconds straight. 

Watching Patriots games with my dad makes me feel so happy, especially now that I know a thing or two about football.

~Caitlin Doyle, Staff Writer~

Buffalo Bills

I have been a fan of the Buffalo Bills since I was very young. 

Since a young age, I can remember seeing Bills games on the TV every Sunday. Both of my parents have been Buffalo fans since they were young and they adopted me into the Buffalo sports teams. 

I have gone to some Buffalo Bills games, and the community around the Buffalo Bills is unlike anything I’ve been to. 

Buffalo fans are die hard and beyond loyal to their team even though they haven’t won a Super Bowl or made the playoffs in a while. 

The Bills mafia is something out of a movie: people jumping off RV’s onto flimsy big box store folding tables that wouldn’t even be acceptable to use to hold a couple stacks of paper, people wearing nothing but body paint and a pair of shorts in -12 degree weather with lake effect snow falling and the hatred of the Patriots. 

I have always loved the atmosphere at the games; sometimes it’s a standard hatred for a player on the team or everyone cheering for someone’s first tackle of the season in game 12.  Although the Buffalo Bills are terrible, it’s currently my hope that they will eventually become a winning team.

~Luke Kockler, Staff Writer~

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LIV. There, I said it – and in 130 days, Patrick Mahomes and company will prove me right. 

The Chiefs are back to back to back AFC West Champions and are climbing the record board for longest NFL postseason streak. Tom Brady can step aside (and retire) – Mahomes is becoming the best offensive player in the NFL, setting multiple records in the 2018 season and already on track for more in 2019. 

Last season, the Chiefs were thwarted by a ridiculous overtime rule in the AFC Championship against the Patriots, missing a Super Bowl appearance. Mahomes will bring a larger audience than the snoozefest of Super Bowl LII with his remarkable athleticism and off-the-field character.

This season already has multiple injuries including Williams and wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Hill, touted as one of the best play makers in the league, has also lost fan support following domestic and child abuse investigations. Whether or not Hill returns, the Chiefs are the team to watch this season.

With a Super Bowl win, Kansas City can boast two bests: best team in the NFL and the best fans in the NFL.

~Mara Tharp, Staff Writer~

Washington Redskins (again)

Why be a Redskins fan? Why support a team with a questionably racist name? Why root for a team that struggles to maintain a .500 record each year? Why throw money at the callous and imcompetant ownership of a team that has seen better days? 

Trust me, I’ve heard it all. There is a laundry list of reasons to change my support from the good ole’ burgundy and gold to a new team, a younger team, a team that actually knows what it’s like to play past December.

 I could say I support the Redskins for their long and rich history, and it would be true. We were the first team with a marching band and one of the oldest teams in the league, period. 

I could say I support the Redskins because of the players when I was much younger (Santana Moss, Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor to name a few). 

But the real reason I’m a Redskin fan? My Grandma is a Redskins fan, and if you want to survive in my family, it’s in your best interest to be a Redskin fan too. 

It is not an exaggeration to say my family bleeds burgundy and gold, and if I came home and announced I was a Cowboys fan one day? 

You all can imagine what my life expectancy would be.

~Matthew Scherger, Editor-in-Chief~

Baltimore Ravens

It’s Sunday, and I am sitting with my family, usually at our neighborhood sports bar. 

It is super crowded with people in different jerseys, yelling and cheering. 

There is something about football season that makes me feel at home. It is not necessarily the sport itself but rather my team, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Ever since I was born, I have been a Ravens fan; my dad grew up in Baltimore, so it is simply our team. 

Waking up on a Sunday knowing I will get about three hours with my family watching our team brings me so much joy. 

The Ravens to me are home. Win or lose, watching the games with my family are some of my best memories. Even being away from home at school, I still feel at home when I watch them.

I put on my Justin Tucker jersey and cheer for them because I know my family is doing the same thing back home. 

Eating wings and other bar foods and just having a good time is what makes football season truly enjoyable for my family, and that is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 

For me, the Ravens are home.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

New England Patriots (again)

“Deflategate. Cheat, cheat, cheat.” Being a Patriots fan is not easy. You get criticized relentlessly for no reason, and people hate your team simply because they do well.

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, so I have no choice but to support the Patriots. If you’re from Boston, you are automatically a Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots fan from birth. It’s a way of life.

In the past five years, they have been to the Super Bowl four times and have won it three times.

And you know I have to talk about the most controversial part of the Patriots: Tom Brady. I hate to flex the stats, but when you have a starting quarterback who has the most career wins by a starting quarterback, most wins by an NFL player, most wins by a quarterback after trailing 10+ points and the most wins by a coach/quarterback dyad with Bill Billacheck, you’re going to be a stellar team who wins a lot.

Basically, all I’m saying is, you can’t hate a team just because they have lots of records and win a lot. I’ll be honest: I’m getting a little tired of how well the Patriots have been doing recently, but mostly, because my Patriots-loving heart can’t take the pressure of any more Super Bowls.

~Emma Dixon, CNUTV Managing Editor~

New York Giants

Here we go again… The Giants can let me down this season, but I will still come back for more next year. You can call me a masochist for supporting the worst team in the NFL, and that’s it really.  You’re right. I am a masochist for supporting them. 

Just because they suck now doesn’t mean they can’t be the best, though. 

There is something special about yelling at a TV screen over a dumb pass Eli Manning has made for the billionth time this season. 

Being from New Jersey (the crummy New York) means I have to like a football team from the Big Apple, and I wouldn’t be caught dead supporting the Jets. 

As for the Bills, somehow they’re 3-0 so far this year and still worse than the Giants. How the Bills have managed that, I will truly never understand. 

I plan on continuing to reminisce about the Giants 2012 Super Bowl for the next 100 years as it was one of the single greatest sports memories I have. 

You can never take that away from me, even if we lose every game this season and Eli Manning signs a 10 year extension, I will still be a fan. Hey, at least the Yankees are good this year, right New York fans?

~Michael Innacelli, CNUTV Director & Sports Editor~

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