Alpha Delta Pi partners with the Max Gruver Foundation to host a Hazing Prevention Week at CNU

Would you know what to do if you were faced with hazing? Do you know the signs of hazing? Would you feel comfortable enough to discuss the issue of hazing on our campus?

These are some of the issues the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi are trying to tackle during Hazing Prevention Week from Sept. 22-28.

This year, the Theta Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Pi wants to expand upon raising awareness on the issue of hazing that affects student organizations nationwide. 

“Our goal is to raise awareness and to define hazing in an effort to identify the destructive behavior that can negatively affect our organizations and individual students,” Alpha Delta Pi President, Mary Styles, said.

“We want to eliminate the idea that just because the hazing that takes place on our campus might not seem as serious as the atrocities we see on the news, doesn’t mean it’s any less damaging, degrading or dangerous.”

For the past few years, Alpha Delta Pi chapters nationwide have partnered with the Max Gruver Foundation for Hazing Prevention Week.

The Max Gruver Foundation was started by Rae Ann Gruver, an alumna sister of Alpha Delta Pi, who tragically lost her son, Max Gruver, in a hazing incident at Louisiana State University back in 2017.

During Hazing Prevention Week, the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi will be tabling in the DSU breezeway.

Students and organizations are encouraged to stop by their table, sign a pledge to end hazing, participate in a change war and grab a wristband that honors Max Gruver.

At their table, sisters of Alpha Delta Pi will also be willing to answer any questions about hazing prevention students may have.

“I would say it’s really important because a lot of times you hear it in the news and you’re like, ‘Not my campus. Not my Greek community,’” Foundations Ambassador, Elizabeth Baylor Ellis, said. 

“But having it have happened to [Rae Ann Gruver], although she is an alumna, just knowing she has suffered that loss at the hands of hazing and knowing she had to go through that makes it really real. I can’t imagine someone having to do that in order to be in that organization.”

Originally, they planned to host an open and honest discussion on Sept. 26, but that is currently being rescheduled due to a conflicting  Interfraternity Council event.

“[It’s important] just to ensure that people feel like there’s an open space for them to discuss if they do feel concerned about hazing or just giving them a friend to talk to about these things,” Recruitment and Marketing Vice President, Arianna Gordon, said. 

“This is a very serious topic. I know if it is on our campus, it will go unaddressed if we don’t start a conversation about it.” 

Any and all organizations – as well as students who are interested in putting an end to hazing on Christopher Newport University’s campus – are asked to attend.

“Hazing Prevention Week to me means living out my life as a sister of Alpha Delta Pi as well as a sister of the Greek community and a CNU student,” Styles said. 

“Our motto for Alpha Delta Pi is, ‘We live for each other,’ so this is our opportunity to live for not only our organization but for all our fellow students.”

Any student who participates in Hazing Prevention Week and takes a photo are asked to tag @cnuadpi on Instagram and use the hashtags: #captainsdonthaze, #thesehandsdonthaze, #flyhighmax, #stopthehazing and #takecareofeachother.

“It’s not just Alpha Delta Pi. It’s every Greek organization, it’s every sports organization, it’s any person on this campus,” Gordon said. 

“We obviously want [this campaign] to be nationwide, but we’re starting here and we want it to be a strong enough tradition that it ends here.”

~Emma Dixon, CNUTV Managing Editor~

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