A busy week for fraternities and young men on campus

IFC rush took place all of last week so young men could find their brotherhood

“With classes being in full swing, the IFC is going through its informal recruitment process. There are a total of nine fraternities on Christopher Newport’s campus, all of which participate in informal recruitment. Each organization represents a different philanthropy and motto. For example, Pi Lambda Phi’s philanthropy is Elimination of Prejudice (EoP), and their motto is Nostros Amemus, Not Four Years But a Lifetime. Each organization plays a part in making CNU’s campus what it is today. Whether it is with Kappa Sigma’s ‘Viking Burger’ fundraiser or Delta Upsilon’s Valentine photo booth, they have a huge impact on campus and for their philanthropies. 

Informal recruitment is much different from their formal recruitment. To participate in informal recruitment, one must be a Sophomore or a transfer student who meets the GPA minimum of 2.7. Each organization takes a small handful of pledges since this is a smaller recruitment process. When asked how much prepping goes into recruitment, Evan Flatt, current President of Kappa Delta Rho, answered, “… a decent amount of preparation that we go through every semester for recruitment, that starts with first planning and budgeting the week which we usually try to have done by the end of the semester before recruitment.” Fortunately, IFC supports informal recruitment in a lot of different ways. In fact, IFC VP of Recruitment holds a conversation with every potential new brother and encourages them to meet with all of the fraternities. Also, the IFC executive board is on-call all week. The logistics of recruitment is fully supported with however much the IFC can assist them with. 

As for events, fraternities try to make the process as fun as possible while still getting across the values and goals of their organizations. Jared Ankerson, a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon, explained their organization looks for potential new members who are “balanced men.” He expressed that their organization prefers new members to be involved outside of the organization and to be in good academic standing. As for Kappa Delta Rho, Evan said they look for “men who exemplify the pillars of KDR; that means we’re looking for honorable, respectable men who share our passion to be a fraternity that breaks from the negative stereotypes of our community.” It is clear that fraternities are looking for new members who will benefit their organization and uplift the CNU community.

A big aspect of IFC recruitment is their value of friendship and possible new members having fun at their recruitment events. One of Evan’s favorite memories was serving as Vice President of Recruitment. He spoke on how he saw his brothers grow and open themselves up to new members. As for new members who joined Kappa Delta Rho, he enjoyed seeing how much each new member would grow as gentlemen, which is KDR’s motto. No matter what organization a new member chose, it is what brotherhood is best for him. They are in good hands under the IFC supervision and the fraternities here at Christopher Newport University.”

~Caitlyn Bauske, Staff Writer~

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