The new Jennings Family Stadium

Let’s say goodbye to the turf that was formerly known by the Women’s Lacrosse team as “the dump” and hello to the brand new stadium

Captains, say hello to the new and improved Jennings Family Stadium. Christopher Newport granted the field hockey and lacrosse teams with a brand new turf field. The new field has had an overwhelmingly positive reception from athletes who will be playing on it this year.

Senior #35 Kaitlyn Ready, from the Women’s Lacrosse team, described her experience with the old turf field, “It had divots and holes throughout, which caused there to be puddles when it rained. The field did not drain well, so after a storm, puddles on the field lasted longer than they should have. The field used to also face the wrong way.  Instead of being parallel to the football field, it was perpendicular.  This caused morning and night practices to be a struggle with the blinding rising or setting sun. Fortunately, now that the new field is parallel, this is less of a problem.  The old turf was also harder than grass, so falling down on it was definitely not a joyful experience.”  

Field Hockey senior #2 Rachel Cooke said, “It’s definitely been an adjustment playing on the new turf as it’s a lot slower than the old one. But it’s nice that the sun is no longer in our eyes during practice and during games. Also the whole facility is really nice so it makes game days feel more special.”  

The old field seemed essentially dangerous to play on, but thanks to the new turf field, the players, including myself, will be able to enjoy a bright green, elite level facility to put in work. Senior #1 Scott McAneney, from the Men’s Lacrosse team, shares his input about the old and new field, “There’s a lot of memories on that field even from before I got here, but I’m excited to start a new chapter in Captains Lacrosse history.  The new stadium is beautiful and I can’t wait to play in front of everybody on it.” McAneney “would like to thank everyone involved in the construction for getting the project done quickly and in time for my senior season.”  

The construction of the new field has led many to be hopeful for CNU’s future success. 

Lisa Valentine, head coach of the Women’s Lacrosse team, stated, “This Jenning’s Family Stadium increases the opportunity to attract high quality prospective student-athletes in the recruiting process. Through the construction phase to the project’s completion, recruits and their families have been so impressed with the new facility and recognize it as a commitment from the university to the success of our athletic teams.”     

In addition to the new turf, the bleachers and press box were completely transformed. 

The stands used to be metal, senior high looking bleachers. Now they are enframed by bricks, giving them a more prestigious look.  The press box used to be just a small tent and now it resembles a professional press box with a balcony to stand on overlooking the field. 

The brick theme of the stadium goes hand in hand with the Christopher Newport University atmosphere, matching the style of the beautiful buildings.  Valentine added, “Jenning’s Family Stadium will have an immediate impact on our team’s success.  With the opportunity to play in a top notch facility, I expect our student-athletes will compete with an incredible sense of pride for CNU each time they walk onto the field.  It will truly be a home field advantage.”    

Whether you are a spectator, visitor or athlete, this stadium is the newest edition to our home, and we are proud.

~Caitlin Doyle, Staff Writer~

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