Studying abroad becomes a popular option for students

CNU makes it a priority to help and encourage students to study abroad 

Studying abroad has become extremely popular at schools across the country, and CNU is no different. Many students here at CNU choose to study abroad, whether they do a semester program or a short spring break or summer program. It is something that the school really promotes and makes very simple for students to do.

“Approximately 36% of CNU students will study abroad by the time they graduate,” director of Study Abroad at CNU, Mandi Pierce, said. “We are seeing an increase in students wanting to study abroad in both the summer and semester.”

For being a fairly smaller school, CNU really encourages students to study abroad and has some amazing statistics to show just how important it is here. “For the 2018-2019 academic year, students studied in 40 countries and on 6 continents. There is an increase in the diversity of locations students are choosing,” Pierce said.

Students have the option to do an external program, a CNU partnership program or a CNU program. “There are several new CNU faculty-led programs planned for 2020. These new programs include a semester program in Barbados, two new spring break programs, and summer programs in Vietnam, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Wales, England, and Ecuador,” Pierce said.

These will be solely CNU programs, meaning there will be faculty and other Captains on the trips. There are many reasons why studying abroad is important to so many people, and specifically here at CNU. 

“Study abroad allows a student to step outside of their comfort zone and experience a new culture. It is a perfect time to learn from the world around you and experience new things,” Pierce said. “It is easy to stay on campus all four years at CNU, but we want students to take advantage of the opportunity to live and study in a different country.”

 The multitude of options being offered makes it really easy for students to find which is best for them. There are so many places to go as well as so many different lengths of time for students to study there. “If they choose a semester abroad, they can experience several months among a new community and culture,” Pierce added.

Some fear that studying abroad will hinder their education and slow them down. This is a common misconception about studying abroad. “Students take a full load of courses when they are abroad for a semester, so they stay on track for graduation. Our summer programs take classes into the museums, sites, and surroundings. Students are learning as they travel with faculty, who are experts in the field. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Pierce said.

To promote studying abroad and help students learn about all of the different options available to them, the office puts on a few study abroad fairs a year. These are essentially the same as a career fair or graduate school fair, just with study abroad programs instead.

“We are excited to work with students as they find the program that fits them the best,” Pierce continued. “We had over 700 people visit the Study Abroad Fair this weekend, so we expect study abroad to continue to grow in popularity.” 

So, if you are even the slightest bit interested in studying abroad but are not exactly sure what comes next, go visit the study abroad office in the David Student Union; they will be more than happy to help you find the experience of a lifetime.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz~

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