Hacks for healthier eating in the dining hall

Make quick and easy choices without sacrificing nutrition

Peanut butter & banana English muffin                                     

This breakfast of champions is great for when you’re in a rush and need a boost to begin the day. 

Eliminate the temptations for Nutella, and substitute it for peanut butter if you’re not allergic.

To create it, simply toast your English muffin, grab a banana, grab 2 peanut butter packs and you’ve got a delicious breakfast that will not make you feel guilty after eating it. 

Broccoli mac & cheese 

Grab some broccoli from the salad bar and add that to the delicious mac and cheese.

It’s nothing super complicated, but this makes a big difference, especially if you like broccoli cheddar soup.

Spinach egg white omelet

Grab some spinach from the salad bar and ask the chef to add it to your omelet.  And yes, they can do egg white omelets! All you have to do is ask!  If you’re a fan of tomatoes, add some for extra tastiness. 

Burrito bowl

Reduce your carb consumption by making a burrito bowl instead of having tacos or a burrito on a white tortilla.

I have learned that having the lettuce as a base allows you to not be tempted to add queso (which is super tasty on a burrito but extremely unhealthy) because who would want to put creamy, savory cheese sauce on iceberg lettuce? 

This burrito bowl is healthy all around because it consists of both protein and veggies all in one.

Cauliflower mac & cheese

Take broccoli mac & cheese one step further and when the dining hall has roasted cauliflower (or broccoli), sprinkle some cheddar cheese on the plain cauliflower and melt it in the microwave to create cauliflower “mac & cheese.”

~Caitlin Doyle, Staff Writer~

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