“Club” is out. “Involvement” is in.

This year brought many changes to the cherished Club Fair. Were they good? Were they bad? One student thinks it’s a bit of both

Students this semester were taken aback by a “big” change in the biennial club fair. Typically hosted on Sunday before classes begin, the club fair features the 250+ clubs and organizations on campus. 

This semester, it was instead moved to a Friday, two weeks into classes. Although there are many issues with this change, the more I learned about the reasons for the change, the more I understood the handful of benefits to it. 

Moving the event back made it difficult for new students to get involved in their first week without doing their own research. 

Meeting attendance was slacking. Acapella already held auditions, and club sports tryouts began before the Involvement Fair. 

Did you as a CNU student like this change? 

I definitely didn’t at first. Not only did they change the date, but the name as well. The fair has always been a way to help students get involved on campus, but why change the name now? 

When I first heard of the change in brand, it seemed to be pointless. I mean what’s the difference in calling it Club Fair and Involvement Fair? Both are helping students get plugged into clubs on campus. 

I quickly rescinded this opinion after learning the reasoning behind the name change. This year, not only were different clubs and organizations represented at the Involvement Fair, but many opportunities to get involved in the Newport News community were present as well. 

There was organizations to help students find community service opportunities, get involved in local businesses and places of worship. 

The good intentions were there, but the execution was lacking. I would understand holding it a week later, given that new students might need some time to accumulate to this new schedule before getting too involved. However, two weeks might have been a little too much. 

Many clubs and organizations on campus need that first week to hold interest meetings and such to be able to keep the pace for their semester activities. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were so many great ideas involved in this change from Club Fair to Involvement Fair. 

I loved the idea of changing the name to include Newport News community involvement and even the idea of having it a little later than usual. 

I believe over time Christopher Newport will be able to refine this idea to better accommodate the new students, but I hope that it is an improvement from this semester. 

For now, new students are involved on campus and we are on a roll for the start of this semester. 

I hope everyone in the CNU community has found their niche and are having a blast getting involved.  For those who haven’t quite found the perfect place yet, don’t worry; the Involvement Fair will be back next semester.

~Kaitlin Sanata, Staff Writer~

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