The unsung heroes of sporting events

People who work behind the scenes for athletics deserve more recognition then they tend to recieve on gameday

Everyone is always celebrating athletes, as they should.

Athletes work hard. They train in their free time, practice every day and give it their all during games. I’m not trying to downplay their work or accomplishments at all.

However, there are a lot of people who put in work behind the scenes to make athletic programs possible. Whether it is college sports or professional sports, there is a team of workers who help produce live broadcasts of the games, keep records of the stats and announce over the live speakers. 

There are people like Kenny Klein and Robert Silsby who spend their days attending games, keeping track of all the stats and serve as the PAs. There are students who work for Events Staff who get the field ready before the game and chase after stray soccer or field hockey balls. There are athletic trainers who help athletes stretch out before games and take care of any injuries they may sustain.

There are athletic directors like Kyle McMullin who organize and oversee the entire athletic department. 

And then there are students like me who film and commentate the games. In order to make a livestream happen, we often have to show up to games an hour or so early to set up and test all of the equipment.

Normally there are small problems and issues that we have to troubleshoot in order to get the stream up and running.

Then, we have to stand out in the extreme heat and cold alongside the athletes. While they play the game, we are working hard to make sure friends and family who can not attend the spectacle in person can still watched their loved ones play. Once the game is over and the team gets to celebrate, we have to stay behind to pack-up all of the equipment and carry it back across campus to where it is kept.

And the thing is, we do it all year long. Whereas athletes get an on and off season, we are always on, covering every single sport.

I’m not trying to complain or whine. I love what I do. And I do it because I love it. That’s why I gladly give up entire weekends and weekday nights when I could be studying to cover sports games. All I’m trying to say is that the workers who make the games possible deserve a little more credit. We do our best to make sure the sports teams get the coverage and attention they deserve, and we should get a little more recognition for all of the work we do. 

~Emma Dixon, CNUTV Managing Editor~

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