Tailgate changes for the Captains

CNU tailgates are officially being moved to Lot H between ROTC and the baseball field 

Every year in September, the students at Christopher Newport University gear up for the football season, which means tailgates. For being a smaller school there is a big “tailgate culture” here at CNU. 

Students wear blue and meet in the parking lot between Warwick River Hall and The Luter School of Business to celebrate. There is everything from dancing by Alpha Phi Alpha Farternity, Inc., to eating fried oreos to dancing and jumping on the beds of trucks. 

Tailgates have become a tradition at CNU, and they are something that a majority of Captains look forward to every football season. This year there was a major change to the tailgates that no one anticipated. The tailgates have officially been moved from their original location to the lot next to the ROTC building.

“Student tailgating is being moved to Lot H between ROTC and the baseball stadium. This is being done to create a better environment for the students,” Chief Communications Officer Jim Hanchett said. 

Rumors were going around about the change, but no one was completely sure if it would happen, so students had a hard time believing it when it was announced that the tailgate for the home opener would be in Lot H.

“I was aware of the change only a few days before the scheduled tailgate, and I didn’t even want to believe it,” junior Justine Wright said. 

 There are many mixed emotions regarding this change. Of course the first tailgate of the season was canceled due to weather, so no one has experienced the new location yet nor been able to determine if it is better or worse. 

“I’m not sure how I feel about it yet,” Wright said. “I’ve always known tailgates being in the Warwick lot, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see if ROTC is a better option.”

Of course there are reasons for this change in location. According to Hanchett, one of the major factors behind the change was to have students closer to the stadium and thus closer to the game. 

Questions of what effects this will have on tailgates are still up in the air, and there will be a lot riding on the first actual tailgate this season.  

“I think it will affect turnout if everyone shows up and decides they don’t like it,” Wright said.

The next scheduled tailgate is this Saturday, Sept. 14, for Family Weekend. Students will be able to experience this new location and kick off another season of fun tailgates.

~Taryn Hannam-Zatz, News Editor~

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