Christopher Newport makes a splash in the Princeton Review

CNU received multiple top 20 rankings in the most recent Princeton Review 

The Princeton Review, a college admissions services company, earlier this year ranked CNU among the top 200 schools for value and return on investment (ROI) out of an evaluation of 650 schools across the country. The school also won an accolade for quality faculty and excellent residence halls. 

Class of 2019 alumnus Robert Tabackman was more mixed in the same evaluation, saying that although the education is adequate, access to housing has deteriorated in recent years. 

“On the one hand, my impulse is to say they deserve the ranking. They, in my experience, succeed at the most important aspect of their ‘product’ – the academics. My education there was spectacular, and my professors both enthusiastic and capable. 

“On the other hand, the student population has been squeezing the dorms and other campus housing to the breaking point for years now, and I haven’t seen anything about new work, aside from the tearing down and rebuilding of the Crossing houses.” 

CNU currently has plans to build another dormitory at the intersection of Hiden Boulevard and Warwick Boulevard. However, no construction has occurred as of last July and the new residence hall would be reserved for fourth-year students.  

Class of 2020 senior Vanessa Powers echoed similar complaints about campus housing. 

“The housing is cramped, and the department you need to get help to solve problems is even more of a mess. They don’t have enough space for all their students, and they don’t have the resources to support the student body they have now, yet they accept more and more people every year.”

Powers characterized CNU’s online presence as inadequate for accessing resources for mental health. She also criticized what she saw as a tendency for CNU to overload their freshmen’s class schedules, causing undue stress for new students in the midst of an already-difficult adjustment to college life.

“The resources CNU offers its students are outdated and obsolete. Other colleges in Virginia like VCU and UVA have a large online presence which allows students to access a variety of different resources for their mental health, library and so on…CNU also designs every first semester freshman’s schedule, often putting students in 16-18 credits their first semester.”

Senior Corinne Whalen approved of CNU’s ranking in the Princeton Review, citing the difference in tuition price compared to nearby William & Mary College. 

In-state tuition at CNU is about $13,000, compared to $21,000 at William & Mary College

“I think CNU has really grown as a university and overall I think it’s academically wonderful and has a beautiful campus. At first, I thought CNU was extremely expensive tuition-wise, but I looked into it and it’s actually reasonably priced compared to other schools like William & Mary. I really do think CNU does deserve that award because it really has become such a wonderful university,” Whalen said.

~Duncan Hoag, Staff Writer~

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