A short drive to the Dive

Guy Fieri’s Dive and Taco Joint in Hampton delivers on atmosphere over quality

From California to Vegas to New York City comes Guy Fieri’s Taco Joint in none other than Hampton Roads, Va.

Only a short drive from CNU, the bright lights of both Guy Fieri’s Taco Joint and Pizza Parlor (two separate establishments located right next to the other) becken to highway onlookers.

Few are unknown to the rowdy, hilarious and larger-than-life personality of Guy Fieri, with restaurants, cookbooks and a prime-time Food Network show that attracts millions of viewers each year. 

Immediately upon entering, Fieri’s restaurant exhibits a hip atmosphere with more than one option for one’s dining experience.

The indoor bar at the Taco Joint complements the outdoor seating including options for cornhole in a large sandpit and brick stacking games on the table. 

Because my group wanted a quieter setting, we sat outside on their porch overlooking the water and the highway in the distance.

Walking through the bar area, the liveliness and music nearly pulled us in – too bad we’re under 21.

In expectation of some quality Mexican food, we ordered a variety of tacos, empanadas and burritos. The menu offers seven taco dishes of four tacos each, with options like Achiote Chicken Taco and Crispy Avocado Taco.  

Besides tacos, the Dive offers burrito, empanada, quesadilla and soup options, but little else. With only a page-long menu, dishes range from $5.95 to $11.95, with higher prices for the option of making a dish ‘platter’ to include some other sides. 

While the food tasted good, I thought it was slightly overpriced for the portion size and overall quality.

The taco menu is a bit misleading, as it promises four tacos per order with no mention of how tiny each taco is.

I ordered empanadas, which were tasty and a little less expensive.

The type of food is comparable to Plaza Azteca but the quantity is far less and the price just as high.

In the words of one of my friends, it was “street food that we paid over $10 for.”

What the food lacks, however, is nearly made up in atmosphere.

The whole establishment is aesthetically pleasing and the servers are friendly and welcoming.

The tables are close enough to feel surrounded by lively conversation and fun, but not too close that it is uncomfortable. 

There were families, older groups and students sitting outside and all seemed to be having fun.  

Overall, my group enjoyed the experience but agreed that we probably would not return.

For those that prefer simpler, low-priced Mexican food (which is mostly our preference), Guy Fieri’s place might not be the best choice.

But if you’re looking to try something different and enjoy a great atmosphere for a few extra dollars, be sure to check it out.

~Kristen Ziccarelli, Staff Writer~

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