Flooding in Potomac North

Freshman dorm building PONO floods with water in first week

Welcome Week is one of the most exhausting and exciting weeks of freshman year. Everywhere you turn, there are new faces, new experiences and new informational sessions you are forced to attend. It’s an exciting time! For the residents of Potomac North, however, the excitement was kicked up a notch this year. 

One of the toilets on the first floor hall of Potomac North practically burst, blasting water everywhere and flooding the area. The incident occurred about halfway through Welcome Week. Two freshmen were able to recount their experiences of the event.

William Yaglou lives in the room where the incident occurred while Allison Cassidy lives in the room directly across the hall. When asked to describe the incident, the two said the toilet had been flushed and then began spraying water everywhere. 

“A guy came in to fix it and he touched something and it busted,” Yaglou said.

The incident was a hard one for these freshmen to forget as it happened during the turbulent first week adjusting to college life. 

“And then the floor flooded,” Cassidy said with a laugh.

Images and videos show the toilet spraying a forceful amount of water out of the bathroom. All maintenance told the residents of the hall were that two things went wrong for the toilet at the same time. There was no further explanation. 

“Everything was fixed in like an hour,” Yaglou said. “But at that time everything was flooded.”

Though this was not a great situation, CNU acted quickly in trying to fix the issue as well as coming up with a temporary solution for the students who were affected. 

The residents of the hall were relocated to Potomac South for three nights while their carpets were torn up and replaced. 

Only two rooms on the hall were left unscathed. Luckily, none of the residents’ possessions were harmed during the flooding. 

Needless to say, Welcome Week was a little bit more stressful and exciting than usual for the residents of this hall in Potomac North. However, it made for a story about their first week of college they will surely never forget.

~Caylie Gendreau, Staff Writer~

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