A New Master’s Degree for the Luter School of Business

Financial analysis becomes a one-year master’s program at CNU

The Luter School of Business announced a new master’s degree program which will be headed by Dr. Reza Espahodi. Christopher Newport University will be the first public university in Virginia to address the growing digital economy by offering a master’s program in financial analysis. 

This will be a one-year program that will teach the students a “range of technical and soft skills” that are going to be applied at their future jobs according to Jim Hanchett, the Chief Communications Officer for Christopher Newport University. 

Dean George Ebbs acknowledged in an article published by the university that employers want more out of the business students now. In an attempt to make CNU’s students more competitive and ready for jobs, the new degree programs will pull in those skills that are more desired by employers. 

The new program is already being recognized by business executives who are saying the program is “well designed.” Ethan Martin, a senior business student at Christopher Newport University, put the new change of the environment into perspective. 

“About 80% of business is automated at this point, and that statistic is only increasing. The demand then for the human component will be to provide the creative manipulation and insightful analysis that computer technology simply cannot do right now,” Martin said. 

“Possessing those two skills guarantee then that you are an irreplaceable component in the structure of a business, and that is excellent job security to have.” 

Martin admitted he applied to the program for the upcoming school year and is very excited about the program, especially it being at CNU with faculty he has worked with before. 

Espahodi showed great excitement and hope for the program. The application opened up July 1, 2019. As of now, they have several applicants and are hoping to accept 20 students for the upcoming school year. 

The program is looking for students with a 3.0 GPA and above, have  had an internship and/or work experience in the field and have taken certain classes in their undergraduate studies. 

Christopher Newport University is trying their hardest to get the word out about the new program. 

A brochure was recently made about it, emails to senior students were sent out and three information sessions have been dated. 

The information sessions will have recent graduates from graduate school come talk about the benefits this program will have in their future. This is an exciting new chapter for the Luter School of Business and for students looking to take advantage of this new program.

~Caitlyn Bauske, Staff Writer~

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