Money Moves: TowneBank Stadium

The Captains have a new name over their football stadium, how will this affect the Christopher Newport community?

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, there are two things guaranteed in life: death and sponsorship deals.

Christopher Newport University is good at one of the two things mentioned above.  Don’t worry; it’s the sponsorship deals.

Recently, the formerly named Pomoco Stadium went through a big change that properly paid huge dividends to the University. TowneBank purchased the naming rights to the Universty Football Stadium and will now be known as TowneBank Stadium.

This is an interesting deal for all students involved. It’s definitely going to make a lot of money for Christopher Newport University, but students may not like the change. Personally, I love the change as it represents great business for the Athletics department at Christopher Newport University, but I can also understand why someone might feel apprehensive about the new change.

Ultimately, change can be tough. For my classmates who graduate this year, we have had three full years of Pomoco Stadium, so a big change of the name can be pretty tough to swallow.

Chanting and being excited before football games will be the same, but maybe stepping into the stadium will be a bit different now with TowneBank over the proverbial rafters.

At the end of the day there is nothing anyone can do to stop the change; it happened while we were all at home enjoying the warmth of summer break. We will all have to fully embrace the new name as I have.

The only issue with that statement comes straight from the Football team. As an athlete, there is a certain amount of pride in where you play your sport. When I was in high school everyone knew our football stadium as Bogle Stadium in Roanoke. I know every football player at my school was proud to play there.

What does this mean for the Captains Football team? I’m sure most of them have at least had a thought about the new name.

Obviously, they will all be on board with it as I’m sure the University makes sure they are publicly on-board with the change; however, I can almost gurantee that there is some level of sadness at losing that pride associated with Pomoco Stadium as the name for the field they play. This might be even more of a factor for the Senior class as there is some sentimental value associated with the field. As time goes on, the team will adapt, and players will forget the history of Pomoco Stadium. The transition will take some time, but everyone will eventually accept TowneBank Stadium as the new home of the great Captains Football team.

While we adjust, it is important to keep an open mind. This was a great move for the University, and it should be a great move for the Football team in the long run. In the meantime, try not to think about the change, and think about the season as a whole. We will still play games and tailgate beforehand.

Know that the change is a good thing, and while it may be tough to swallow at first, eventually we will all be used to the new name of TowneBank Stadium.

Like I said, two things are guranteed: death and sponsorship deals. Who knows how long the TowneBank Stadium will have that name, but for now, cheer for the Captains at TowneBank Stadium this Saturday, Sept. 7. 

~Michael Innacelli, CNUTV Director & Sports Editor~

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