After 384 stories, 368 pages of original content, 87 original videos, The Captain’s Log looks back on their 2018-2019 year

Starting with a hurricane, volume 50 has only continued its coverage of large scale events both on and off campus. 

The Captain’s Log was there during Hurricane Florence, the Women’s March, and Ralph Northam’s scandal. But we were also here for events closer to campus, covering homecoming, CAC championships, Relay for Life and formal recruitment.

We moved beyond our borders. Gaining coverage in Florence and New York City, we also travelled with REACH across America. 

We explicitly highlighted service in civic engagment in at least 66 stories throughout the year, and many more beyond that. 

We saw that engagement create change on campus, covering the MLK Day Events and commencement petitions.

We saw change in campus policies with the introduction of a new masters program, the guarenteed tuition plan and the tutition freeze.

We also witnessed the changes in clubs. Seeing the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s being an off-campus event to an on-campus event. We saw WCNU move into their own, regaining the ability broadcast. 

But not everything was easy. Our journalistic integrity and ethics were tested through the events that happened at Crossing, housing and the CAC track reversal. 

The Captain’s Log also faced growing pains as we changed the majority of our staff, with six of our editor positions taken by sophomores. 

We faced struggles as our computers became non-functional during the beginning of the year. 

We also moved into the digital age, with all of our stories reaching new eyes being placed on our website. 

It’s been a year of stories, service and change and The Captain’s Log thanks you for entrusting us with the ability to cover it.

With this year in mind, members of the staff were asked to reflect on their time here in our final edition. 

~Morgan Barclay, Editor-in-Chief~

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