The limelight is on Dr. White

CNU’s Dr. Jon White awarded a high honor from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia 

Dr. Jon White from the American Studies department was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) earlier this semester.

He is one of only 13 faculty members from more than 5,000 faculty in Virginia’s public and private colleges and universities to receive this award for superior achievement in teaching, research and public service. 

“The award is given every year to the top faculty in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and generally 12 or so are awarded out of I believe 80 nominations this year,” White said. 

The award goes to faculty members who are nominated by others at their university for many different aspects of education.

“The award takes into account what you do in terms of research, teaching, service and then also what they call knowledge integration,” White said.

“[Knowledge integration] is how do you take what you’re doing in terms of your intellectual life, your research and your writing, and how do you get students involved in that sort of thing.”

Each university in Virginia is given a certain allocation of how many people they can nominate.

Christopher Newport University is able to nominate three people per year for the general award, but there is also a separate category for younger faculty.

CNU can also nominate someone for this award, which is more of a rising-star category.

In total, between the general award and the younger faculty award, CNU can nominate four faculty members each year.

Each university’s administrators decide who they want to nominate and then their submissions get sent to Richmond.

These submissions then get sent to a panel of peer faculty members around the Commonwealth who will determine the finalists.

“The winners are then selected by people who are connected to SCHEV,” White said. 

Dr. White receiving this award is an accomplishment, given the amount of faculty at schools in Virginia.

“I was pleased and gratified to have won the award,” White said.

“Professor White is an extraordinary teacher, scholar and contributor to our community,” President Paul Trible said. 

“Whether he’s in the classroom, working with our students in small groups or cheering on the Captains at a basketball game, Jon exemplifies the values that SCHEV honors and uplifts with its Outstanding Faculty Award.”

Aside from this award, Dr. White has written or edited nine books and he serves in the leadership committee for the three major Lincoln organizations in the country as well as in a number of other historical professional organizations. 

In addition to his accomplishments, White explains that he enjoys teaching and has made it his passion.

“One of the things I try to do a lot of is publishing with students, so I have mentored about a dozen students in publishing,” White said. 

In fact, he will be publishing a book with one of his students this coming September.

Dr. Jon White’s is fond of the other hard work and passion he sees professors on CNU’s campus he sees every day. 

“I love the atmosphere of the campus at CNU. It is a very friendly place where people generally get along well and the students are kind-hearted and interested,” White said. 

Dr. White is one of the nation’s leading experts on Abraham Lincoln’s life and leadership.

He has authored or edited nine books and more than 100 articles about the Civil War. 

~Tarryn Hannam-Zatz, Staff Writer~

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