“The best Boing for your buck”

New burger place on J. Clyde Morris defies expectations of mediocrity

Blink and you’ll miss it—a renovated drive-thru restaurant on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard that looks like any old Rally’s or Sonic knockoff. Situated between a Subway and Vinny’s Pasta and Pizza a few minutes straight down the road from CNU, it looks like any old basic drive-thru-only fast food joint.

From the outside, Boing doesn’t really look like anything too special, but after one bite of its crispy, hot fries or a juicy burger on a warm, toasted bun, you’ll definitely want to go back for more.

My younger sister, Grace, and I decided to check the place out for ourselves on a Friday afternoon when it wasn’t busy at all.

We weren’t sure what to expect and we had never really heard anything about Boing before or if it was worth going to. I had only ever seen it in passing, driving to and from campus.

We decided to park the car and sit in the outdoor seating area to get the full experience of Boing instead of just speeding through the drive-thru and eating in the car.

With no indoor seating available, customers either go through the drive-thru or choose to sit under its round red umbrellas hovering over circular tables outside.

Boing has a simple menu, mainly focusing on burgers and fries, as well as different kinds of sandwiches, such as Philly cheesesteaks and ham and turkey with cheese. The Boing Burger is a classic quarter pounder with all the fixings, which you can upgrade to a Double Boing Burger if you’re hungry enough to eat an extra patty. They also offer Coke products and fries to complete your entree and make it a combo.

Boing’s slogan, “The best Boing for your buck,” emblazons its menu and its signage outside the restaurant, and this statement definitely rings true. Their prices aren’t particularly inexpensive, but they’re definitely not outrageous either, depending on whether you just get a simple one-patty burger ($1.69) or a complicated sandwich combo ($9.49).

Grace and I were just looking for a little afternoon snack, so we opted to split a kids cheeseburger. We were expecting something of McDonald’s quality, something a little soggy and definitely subpar, but we were pleasantly surprised by Boing’s quality.

The thin, crispy burger patty was sandwiched in between a thick, toasted bun. Pickles, ketchup and a creamy, melty slice of American cheese drew it all together, creating a genuinely good cheeseburger.

Eaten alongside a sleeve of hot and salty skinny fries, it was a perfect early dinner. We eventually drew the conclusion that Boing is basically the In-n-Out of the East Coast.

Boing definitely does not sacrifice simplicity for quality, proving that a fast food place can easily have both. Joining the ranks of Cook Out and other beloved fast food joints, Boing will soon become a staple for hungry college students in Newport News looking to get “the best Boing for their buck.”

Boing Drive-Thru is open from Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. They are closed on Sundays.

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

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