Dear CNU…

The vines on PFAC construction say a lot 

Dear CNU’s Construction Vines,

There is nothing more appropriate for Christopher Newport’s style than to hang fake vines over a chain-link fence to mask an incomplete building.  

Now, if you have no clue what I am talking about, the PFAC construction site located right behind Pope Chapel is fenced off. It is mostly a wooden fence that was painted green to make it look prettier. Just that itself says something about CNU, but let’s take fake vines and put them on the part we can’t paint over.  

CNU’s campus is famous for being beautifully constructed with matching building and columns. Anything that doesn’t look top tier must be hidden, and nothing says “beautifully constructed” quite like artificial vines placed strategically. I applaud your efforts and wish for more boujee objects to be placed on campus.

With Amusement, 

A Shrub Enthusiast

~Barrett Goode, Staff Writer~

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