Best beaches in the Hampton Roads area

Warm weather has finally made its way to Virginia—enjoy it at some nearby beaches

Grandview Nature Preserve, Hampton:

This was the first beach I visited when I first moved to CNU, and it has had my heart since. Only about 30- minutes from CNU’s campus and managed by the city of Hampton, Grandview is a 475-acre preserve of lower Chesapeake beachfront, salt marshes, and tidal wetlands.

If you are looking for a serene, seemingly-untouched beach, this is the one for you. It is a great location for anyone interested in high-salinity and estuarine wildlife, especially bird-watching. More information on this preserve can be found at

Yorktown Beach, Yorktown:

Located on the York River just southwest of Gloucester Point, this 2-acre riverfront beach is only a 25-minute drive from CNU, and is a great spot to grab lunch, check out historic monuments from colonial America and enjoy the warm weather.

The beach itself is smaller, only about two-acres, but what makes Yorktown special is the small town on the water, containing coffee and ice cream cafes, book and antique shops, and tourist information galore.

More information on this beach-town can be found at

Buckroe Beach, Hampton: 

Also in the city of Hampton, Buckroe Beach is a Hampton Roads favorite in the summer. 

Similar to Grandview, Buckroe Beach is a 30 minute drive from CNU, yet totally worth it: almost a full mile of Chesapeake beachfront, a fishing pier, seasonal food trucks and events and a park are all found here.

Additionally, the surrounding area has a handful of locally-owned business and restaurants that offer much to the town of Buckroe’s welcoming atmosphere. More info also available on

Huntington Park, Newport News:

For a quick beach trip between classes, Huntington Park is probably your best choice, as it is less than a ten-minute drive from CNU’s campus. Managed by the city of Newport News, this beach park faces the James River and consists of 60 acres.

There are fun things to do right around this park, like visiting the Virginia War Museum or playing tennis at the park’s lighted courts. You can read all about this park at

Sandbridge Beach, Sandbridge:

If you’re up for the hour and fifteen minute drive, I think Sandbridge is one of the most beautiful beaches in Virginia. About 15 miles south of commercial Virginia Beach, this beach town is full of oceanfront cottages and houses, with a few shops and restaurants scattered throughout the town.

However, there are no noisy shops or large hotels right against the beach, just miles of oceanside seashore and all the beauty that accompanies such. This is the day-trip of serene beach-going you will need right before (or after) the stress of finals week, so start planning with friends! More info can also be found at

~James Duffy, Staff Writer~

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