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Recaps of the top news stories that happened last week from across the globe

  1. Mueller Investigation Concludes

Following a 22 month-long investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his inquiry into whether the Trump campaign or Trump associates conspired with Russia during the 2016 election.

In a four-page letter discussing “principal conclusions” of the investigation sent to members of Congress, Attorney General William Barr stated that during his investigation, Mueller found no evidence of conspiracy or collusion between Trump associates/campaign members and Russia to sway the 2016 election.

The president told reporters, “It was just announced there was no collusion with Russia, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

The report has yet to be made available to Congress, and both Democrats and Republicans are requesting to see the report as soon as possible.

Source: Fox News at

2. Defeat of ISIS Caliphate in Middle East

On Saturday, March 23, the White House and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the defeat of the ISIS caliphate, taking the terrorist organization’s last stronghold in Baghouz, Syria and ending the four-year long conflict.

The campaign to defeat ISIS began back in 2014, when US, French, and UK forces backed the SDF and the Kurdish peoples in destroying the caliphate that had acquired territory spanning 34,000 square miles across Syria and Iraq. 

While the caliphate itself is destroyed and deals a severe military blow, some warn that the threat of ISIS internationally as a terrorist organization still looms, and that the radicalization, especially online, of people remains a serious threat.

Source: The Independent  at

3. Norway Cruise Gone Wrong

While in the middle of a cruise to southern Norway, a Norwegian ship, the Viking Sky, experienced catastrophic engine problems during a severe weather storm.

This left one passenger in critical condition, as well as eight others who were hospitalized.

The cruise ship, carrying over 1,300 passengers, had to evacuate via airlift which lasted from Saturday, March 23 into early Sunday morning.

Norwegian authorities have ordered an investigation into the ship’s engine problems, as well as to why the ship set sail despite repeated severe storm warnings.

Source: NBC

4. Massacre takes place in Mali

On Saturday, March 23, raiders dressed as “traditional hunters” attacked and burned the Mali village of Ogossago, leaving 134 people dead and 55 injured. 

The attack comes amid the country’s ethnic strife, as the raiders stormed the village at dawn, invading homes and  killing people with guns and machetes.

The perpetrators were part of an ethnic group known as the Dogons, who often target members of the Fula ethnic group over access to land and water, in addition to their belief that the Fulanis have Jihadist ties.

The Malian government condemned the massacre, stating it “reiterates its determination to make every effort to hunt down the perpetrators of this barbarity of another age and to punish them, in accordance with the laws in force.”

Source: The New York Post

5. Rockets fired into Israel wounds seven

On Monday, March 25, a rocket launched from southern Gaza hit Mishmeret, a small town located north of the city of Tel Aviv.

The rocket severely damaged several buildings, resulting in seven Israelis being treated for injuries, including three children.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, blaming responsibility on the terrorist organization Hamas, ordered the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), to launch an airstrike on the Gaza strip Monday night.

The strikes resulted in the destruction of several Hamas military intelligence headquarters.

Netanyahu stated, “Israel will not tolerate this, I will not tolerate this,” and that, “Israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression.” 

Source: BBC News at

~Compiled by Emma Dixon, News Editor~

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