Habitat hosts advocacy week

Week to include tabling, raffle, panel, volunteering and more

Housing—although it may be a word that causes CNU students frustration, there is a larger conversation going on about housing in Hampton Roads. Habitat for Humanity is at the forefront of that conversation.

This week marks a national advocacy program for Habitat for Humanity, called Act! Speak! Build! Week.

The program is designed to get students across the nation talking about housing, specifically housing where they are located. 

Sponsored and run by CNU’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity, CNU’s Act! Speak! Build! Week will feature tabling, a raffle, volunteer opportunities, a documentary, a panel and more. 

“This issue is a big, big deal and we want people to first know it’s a big deal,” CNU Chapter President Abigail Henderson said.

Throughout this week Henderson hopes that students will come to understand how large the issue of housing is and how close it is to CNU’s campus. 

In the largest event of the week, Habitat for Humanity will host a panel that features a member of the CNU community that is a partner family for Habitat, meaning they have worked with the organization to attain their home. 

With the newly released FY20 federal budget, this week has gained an extra sense of urgency.

“Two of our major federal grants got cut completely,” Henderson said. She hopes, however, that “Congress will pull the purse strings and ensure our retainment of federal grants that our so important to the programs that we use on a regular basis in this community specifically.”

Henderson also hopes that this week will get people more involved and will teach students how to get involved and how to contact their representatives on the issue. 

Beyond all of this, however, Henderson sees how CNU specifically is a good candidate for a week like this.

“CNU emphasizes that we as leaders go out and volunteer and part of that is understanding the problems that lie in community and this week is a huge part of that,” Henderson said.

“It’s exhilarating to see the progress being made, it’s a very tangible process, you can see the homes,” Henderson said.

~Morgan Barclay, Editor-in-chief~

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